what color shoes to wear with a red dress

What Color Shoes Go With a Red Dress

There are many occasions that call for wearing a red dress – a wedding, prom, school graduation, a night out, bridesmaid dresses, maternity dresses, and so much more. It’s a classic color yet bold, sexy and beautiful. What color shoe to wear with a red dress can change the look of a red dress, from glamorous to edgy to daring. In this post, I will be using my experience as a virtual stylist and I will be sharing 12 examples of what color shoes to wear with a red dress based on the look and occasion.

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What Color Accessories to Wear with a Red Dress

Like shoes, the accessories worn with a red dress can be changed depending on the look and occasion. You’ve heard the saying: “Dress for the occasion” and it’s very important to do so when wearing a red dress. Like shoes, the accessories worn with red dress can be changed depending on the look and occasion. If you are wearing a red dress to a party, be sure to have some bling on your wrist! Consider some dangly earrings, too. Gold, silver, white and black colored accessories can always match a red dress, as well as a blush dress, green dress or royal blue dress. However, think beyond these basic colors, and wear something you may not have thought you could pull off!

What Color Bag to Wear with a Red Dress

A beautiful red dress will look even more stunning when paired with the perfect bag. Don’t forget to also have fun with the handbag you pair with your red dress, as it doesn’t always have to be black or gold. Red is a bold color, so feel free to be adventurous for a fashion forward outfit.

Where to Buy A Red Dress

There are so many retailers that sell red dresses for multiple occasions. Whether it be a party dress for going out to celebrate, or a dress for work, there are so many retailers that sell red dresses for multiple occasions.I really love shopping at Nordstrom, ASOS, Macy’s and Amazon for dresses. Find more of my go-to retailers on my Shop My Looks page.

Here are the red dresses featured in the outfit ideas.

Red Dress Outfit Ideas

The color red is often considered the most popular color to wear on a date, but sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect shoes to go with your outfit. Here are 10 examples of what color shoes to wear with a red dress.

1. Red Dress with Silver Shoes

Silver Heart Purse Outfit

2. Red Dress with Black Shoes

This outfit is perfect for a Valentine’s Day outfit.

black heart purse outfit

3. Red Dress with Gold Shoes

Gold shoes go really well with red, and is probably the most common color of shoes to wear with a red dress.  It’s not a surprise that many people wear gold shoes with red outfits. It is one of the most common combinations, because the color complements each other very well! Gold shoes go really well with red dresses and skirts, but can also be worn with other colors. I recommend a classy red dress with gold heels and accessories for an outfit that is perfect for a wedding guest outfit.

red dress with gold shoes

4. Red Dress with Pink Shoes

These pink heels and this tiered red dress are a fun match. The tye dye pink purse completes the looks and says you are ready to party! The tiered skirt of the dress is reminiscent of iconic ballroom gowns, while the subtly pointed toe on the high-heeled pumps gives a contemporary edge. These two pieces work together to make an outfit that is fresh and fashionable, perfect for a day at work or a night on the town.

red dress with pink shoes

5. Red Dress with Yellow Shoes

Yellow heels with this body-fitting red dress and bold gold bracelet and bag make for a glamorous occasion. Each of these pieces can be worn alone, but for this occasion, they are the perfect outfit worn together. The bold gold bracelet and bag are an elegant way to bring out your edgy side. I recommend this look for a nice dinner out.

red dress with yellow shoes

6. Red Shoes with Black Dress

Black shoes with red dress is the ultimate classy and sexy look. If you’re looking for the perfect look to top off your outfit in a sophisticated and sexy way, and want to show some skin without it being too revealing, black shoes with a red dress is the perfect option. I recommend bold black and gold accessories and leather for some added texture that is anything but boring.

red dress with black shoes

7. Red Dress with Silver Shoes

Silver shoes with a red dress is another wedding guest go-to outfit. A bright red lipstick can add a pop of color to the ensemble while complementing the bright silver shoes.Make sure the shoes and accessories are extra shiny and sparkly for an ultra-glamorous look for your next formal event.

red dress with silver shoes

8. Red Dress with White Shoes

There are many occasions where you will want to wear white shoes with a red dress. It may be for a summer weekend outing, an outdoor wedding, or a garden party.  This classic outfit is comfortable, but trendy, and is perfect for that summer event you have been waiting to attend. If you to winterize the look, I recommend a pair of white boots instead.

red dress with white shoes

9. Red Dress with Nude Shoes

Nude shoes are another perfect match with a red dress. Nude shoes can be combined with red dress to create a more understated look that lets the red dress take center stage. I recommend this outfit for a nice weekend look for brunch or wine tasting.

red dress with nude shoes and yellow purse

10. Red Dress with Animal Print Shoes

A pair of animal print shoes and nude accessories with a red dress is perfect for some day time glam. The animal print shoe will give the outfit some edge, while the nude accessories and designer bag will provide balance so you don’t look too over the top. This outfit is perfect for your next dressy occassion.

red dress with animal print shoes

11. Red Dress with Red Shoes

Red shoes with a red dress makes for the ultimate bold look. A bold, red dress is sure to make heads turn no matter where you go, but can you imagine how your outfit would look with a bold pair of red shoes as well? This outfit is very bold yet so classy, and is perfect for any event asking for formal or cocktail attire.

red dress with red shoes ad black accessories

12. Red Dress with Cobalt Blue Shoes

A pair of cobalt blue shoes with a red dress is another bold and fun look that screams “fashionista coming through!” This outfit is perfect for a more daring and exciting look. Since this look has two very bold colors, try an understated white purse to complete the look. This outfit is so much fun and perfect for an evening out.

red dress outfit with blue shoes

A red dress is already an attention grabbing look. But that’s no reason to be shy when it comes to the shoes and purse you pair with it. Be all around adventurous and bold for the ultimate head turning outfit!

Which shoe color to wear with a red dress is your favorite?

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