what bras to wear with halter tops

What Bra to Wear with Halter Tops and Halter Dresses

It can be a real wardrobe dilemma figuring out what bra to wear with halter tops. Halter tops comes in so many styles, and can reveal a little or a lot. The right bra to wear with a halter top can be tricky if you want to avoid straps showing while ensuring adequate support, coverage and comfort. I will be sharing 10 bras to wear with halter tops and halter dresses.

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What is a halter top or dress?

A halter top or halter dress is characterized by a neckline or straps that go around the neck, and, therefore, is usually backless. A halter top or dress can be pulled over the head, or connected behind the neck. The neckline is commonly circular, an X or a V. The straps also range in widths from thin to thick.  All of these factors usually reveal the back, shoulders and sides, and can range from modest to very revealing.  Here are some examples of a halter top or dress:

Halter Top with a High Neckline

Halter Top with Thicker Straps and a V-Neck

Halter Top with Very Thin Straps that Exposes the Entire Shoulder and Clavicle Area

Halter Dress with an X Shape Around the Neck

Halter Dress with a Deep Plunge

Halter Dress with a Circular Shape Around the Neck

Can you wear a bra with halter tops?

You can wear a bra with a halter top which is a great idea for support, shape and lift. The tricky part of wearing a bra with a halter top is finding a bra that doesn’t show, but can still provide the support, shape and lift that you need. All you need to do is find the style and size of your favorite bra and wear it under your halter top.

What bra goes with halter tops?

There are many different types of bras that can go with halter tops and halter dresses. Depending on how revealing the halter top or halter dress is, you can find a bra to wear that won’t show. With so many different styles, we’ll help you narrow down the options to find the right one for you. There is a variety of bras that will work with your outfit and give your outfit a perfect fit. Here’s 10 types of bras to wear with halter tops.

Here are what bras to wear with halter tops:

1. Strapless Bra

A strapless bra does not have any straps. Strapless bras nowadays usually come with removable straps so you have the flexibility of wearing it with or without the straps.  A strapless bra will guarantee no bra straps peeking out under your halter top.  However, without the correct fit, you may need to keep pulling up the bra.

2. Halter Bra

Halter bras have straps that go around the neck. The straps should be hidden under the straps of your halter top. The straps will allow for more secure support and lift.

Shop Halter Bra

Shop Halter Bra

3. Bralette

A halter bralette is similar to a halter bra in that the straps go around the neck.  Halter bralettes usually have a lace overlay and come in a variety of colors.  It’s not unusual to have the bralette peaking out from under your halter top.

Shop Bralette

Shop Bralette

4. Convertible Bra

A convertible bra will give you the ultimate flexibility, including 2 straps,1 strap, regular,criss-cross, one shoulder, strapless, and halter so you can wear it with halter tops and more. 

Shop Convertible Bra

5. Bandeau Bra

A bandeau bra is a strapless stretch of fabric with a thick band on top and bottom to support your assets. Bandeau bras offer comfort and style in a lightweight fabric and can be worn with virtually any top.

Shop Bandeau Bra

6. Racerback Bra

A racerback bra combines support and coverage. The racerback is comfortable enough to wear everyday, and can provide a smooth back underneath clothes.

Shop Racerback Bra

7. Backless Bra

A backless bra is the perfect solution for a halter top or halter dress with an open back. A low back strap provides security while still giving support. If you want a completely backless bra, you can try the next few options.

Shop Backless Bra

8. Adhesive Bra

An adhesive bra uses gentle stickiness to push and lift your cleavage to enhance your curves.  It is strapless and backless so it can be worn with halter tops that are also backless.

Shop Adhesive Bra

9. Body Tape

Body tape, or breast tape, provides a secure, waterproof hold to lift and support breasts. Try this highly rated booby tape.

Shop Body Tape

10. Pasties

Nipple covers or pasties cover just the nipple area and provide seamless coverage. Pasties are usually waterproof and reusable to solve all your wardrobe dilemmas.

Shop Pasties

Which bra are you going to wear under your halter top?

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