Stitch Fix vs. Nadine West: A Cheaper Alternative to Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix vs Nadine West

Everything You Need to Know About Comparing Stitch Fix and Nadine West

Stitch Fix is probably the most well-known styling subscription box with millions of customers that love the service. However, Stitch Fix has many competitors, including the affordable alternative Nadine West. However, is Nadine West a bad, cheap version of Stitch Fix? This blog post will compare Stitch Fix vs Nadine West on every aspect that you need to know!

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Overview of Nadine West vs Stitch Fix

  • Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service. Stitch Fix is a try before you buy retail model that blends technology with expert Stylists. It’s goal is to help you find clothing tailored to your taste, budget, shape & lifestyle.
  • Nadine West is a subscription clothing box, delivering a complete styled outfit to your doorstep. Nadine West allows you to try on the clothes before buying so you can keep what you want, and return what you don’t, and only get charged for what you keep.

Nadine West is FREE except for a shipping fee, which is credited towards your purchase. Use my referral link and the code NADINE to receive free shipping, so you can try Nadine West completely free!

Who is Stitch Fix and Nadine West for?

  • Stitch Fix refers to its clothing boxes it sends out to clients as “Fixes.” There are there types of Fixes you can order: Women, Men, and Kids. 
  1. Women’s Fix: A women’s Fix is for women and includes all types of apparel and accessories.  A women’s Fix is also for petite, plus size, and maternity.
  2. Men’s Fix: A men’s Fix includes all types of apparel and accessories. A men’s Fix can also include tall sizes.
  3. Kid’s Fix: A kid’s Fix is for kids apparel and shoes for sizes 2T to 14.
  • Nadine West is for women looking for an affordable, complete outfit, including apparel, jewelry, and seasonal accessories.

Keep reading for exact sizing information for both Stitch Fix and Nadine West.

The winner in this section: Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix caters to men, kids and maternity, whereas Nadine West only services women.

How Do Stitch Fix and Nadine West Work?

Getting Started with Your Profile

  • Stitch Fix: To get started with Stitch Fix, you will want to fill out your style profile so that Stitch Fix knows what types of styles, sizes, and price points to send you. You will provide the follow information:
  1. Height, weight, dress size, shirt & blouse size, bra size, skirt size, pants size, jeans waist, shoe size
  2. Proportions: arms, shoulders, torso, hips, legs
  3. Preferred fit on top and bottom
  4. Types of jeans you prefer: style, rise, length
  5. Flaunt or downplay: arms, shoulders, back, cleavage, midsection, rear, legs
  6. Rate 12 looks
  7. Frequency of occasions: work/business casual, cocktail/wedding/event, laid-back casual, date night/night out
  8. Where do you typically buy your clothes?
  9. Adventure level of Fix
  10. Which styles do you want to incorporate?
  11. Accessories and jewelry style: classic, statement, both
  12. Preferred tone of jewelry: silver, gold, both
  13. How often would like to receive categories: tops, blazers, jackets & coats, pants, jeans, shorts, dresses, shirs
  14. How often would you like to receive the following accessories: bags, scarves, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, shoes
  15. Would you wear the following shoes: heels, wedges, booties, flats, sandals, fashion sneakers
  16. Avoids: colors, prints, fabrics
  17. Price preferences: accessories, bottoms, dresses, jewelry, outer layers, tops, shoes
  18. Luxe categories interested in
  19. Birthday, occupation, parent, objective
  20. Pinterest board, instagram handle, twitter handle, linkedin
  • Nadine West: The first thing you will do to start Nadine West is complete your style quiz. You can expect to provide the following information.
  1. Choose the best outfit(s) to match your style: classic, romantic, trendy or vintage
  2. Choose the best jewelry that fits your style: classic, romantic, trendy or vintage
  3. Choose the prints  you normally wear
  4. Colors you don’t wear
  5. Free textbox to tell more about your style
  6. Top and bottom size
  7. Areas to conceal
  8. Favorite Metals to wear
  9. Frequency – every two weeks or every four weeks

The winner in this section: Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix requests much more information, including style and fit. With a style box, the biggest challenge will be fit for your unique body, and with the additional information that Stitch Fix asks for, I think they will get closer to a better fit.

Cost, Discounts, and Sales

How Much Does Stitch Fix Cost?

Stitch Fix charges a $20 styling fee for each Fix. If you buy any items from your Fix the $20 styling fee will be applied to your purchase. If you buy nothing from your Fix, you lose the $20 styling fee.  The only discount Stitch Fix offers is a “keep all” discount; if you keep all 5 items, you will receive an additional 25% off your entire Fix. Shipping and returns are free always free. The 25% discount does not apply to items bought directly from the Stitch Fix app.

You can select to automatically receive Fixes in these frequencies: every 2-3 weeks, every month, every other month, every 3 months, or on demand (schedule when you want one). You can skip or cancel anytime online or in the app.

What is the Stitch Fix Style Pass and how do you get a Style Pass?

Some Stitch Fix clients are offered a Style Pass. A style pass is $49 per year and allows you to order a Fix as many times as you want during the year without having to pay the $20 styling fee regardless of whether you keep anything or not from your Fix. The $49 cost of the style pass is applied to your first purchase in the year, so as long you buy at least $49 worth of clothes, you are basically ordering Fixes for free.

It is not certain how a client qualifies for the Style Pass. It seems to be offered randomly to customers based on discussions in Stitch Fix groups, but I think it’s probably triggered after you buy a certain amount of items in your Fixes.

How Much Does Nadine West Cost?

Nadine West tells you there is no styling fee. However, you do have to pay a shipping fee of $9.78 that is credited to anything you keep. If you do not keep anything, you forfeit the $9.78 shipping fee. Use my referral link and code NADINE to waive the shipping fee on your first Nadine West package.

Does Stitch Fix have Sales?

No, Stitch Fix does not have sales, and individual items do not go on sale. The only discount currently provided is the 25% keep all discount for keeping all 5 items in your Fix, which has historically never been increased, even temporarily.

Does Nadine West have Sales?

No, each item at Nadine West is already affordable so they do not have sales or discounts.

Referral program

Stitch Fix and Nadine West both have a referral program.

The standard Stitch Fix referral bonus is $25 for both you and the person that signs up using your referral link. The standard Nadine West referral bonus is $10 for both you and the person that signs up using your referral link.

The winner in this section: Nadine West

Nadine West doesn’t have a styling fee, although. you do have to pay a shipping fee which is still lower than the Stitch Fix styling fee.

Use my referral link and the code NADINE to receive free shipping, so you can try Nadine West completely free!

What Can You Expect to Receive?

How Many Items Do You Receive?

Each Stitch Fix box includes 5 items. However, you can choose to include “add-ons” which are usually underclothes or pajamas which will be shipped with your Fix.

Nadine West includes 4-8 items in each package, depending on the items’ weight sending.

What Types of Items?

Stitch Fix and Nadine West both carry clothing, accessories and jewelry. Expect the usual categories such as tops, sweaters, bottoms, activewear, necklaces, and bracelets. In addition, Stitch Fix offers shoes, handbags and outerwear, while Nadine West currently does not.

What Brands Do Stitch Fix and Nadine West Carry?

Stitch Fix claims to carry 1,000+ brands, including their own exclusive labels. I have compiled a comprehensive list of Stitch Fix brands.

Nadine West does not share the brands they carry.

What Sizes are Carried by Stitch Fix and Nadine West?

Stitch Fix carries the following sizes:

  1. Womens: XS-XXL, and plus sizes in 14W-24W, 1X-3X. Petite and maternity sizes
  2. Kids: 2T – 14
  3. Mens: XS-3XL, 28-48-inch waists, 28-36-inch inseams, and shirts and blazers in tall sizes

Nadine West carries the following sizes:

  1. Women: XS-3X (0-24W).

How Much is an Average Stitch Fix or Nadine West box?

Stitch Fix offers a range of prices, but they claim the average price is $55. In my experience most tops, blouses and sweaters are usually around $68-78 and jeans around $78-98. If you are a client at a lower price point, then you can receive tops around $38-44 and jeans around $58-68. Luxe prices are usually around $198-398. Stitch Fix does not restrict sending items to only your preferred budget selected in your profile.

Stitch Fix will price match items if you find an item cheaper from another retailer.

Individual items are affordable at $10-30.

The winner in this section: Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is the clear winner in this section. They cater to a much more robust range of styles, sizes, and budgets.

Other Cool Features

  • Stitch Fix lets you buys directly from their app so you can shop for yourself, instead of waiting for your next Fix. The only downside is that when you shop directly, you pay full price, as there is no discount for buying 5 items. Shipping and returns are still free.
  • Nadine West has an item replacement program. The regular fee is $50, but often is offered for $25. With this program, you get free replacement items for accidental tears, shrinkage or spills on up to 5 items.

The winner in this section: Stitch Fix

If you see something you like in the Stitch Fix shop, you can buy it without waiting for a Fix.

A couple of common Stitch Fix complaints is that the clothes are expensive, so while it’s great you can buy directly from their app, I don’t like the idea of paying full price. In fact, I think you can find many Stitch Fix brands on sale elsewhere online, and I highlight many of these sales in this post: Stitch Fix Brands On Sale This Week!

My First Nadine West Review

See my honest Nadine West review here: My Honest Nadine West Review 2021: Not for Me, Worth a Try and see what I received in my first box, and why I recommend this service for the budget conscious client.

Nadine West is worth a try, given that you can try it risk-free at no cost. There is never a styling fee. If you use my Nadine West referral link, you will get free shipping with your first box with code NADINE, so your first box is completely free to try.

Overall Summary: Is Stitch Fix or Nadine West Better?

In the comparison of Stitch Fix vs Nadine West, Stitch Fix wins in almost every section above, and offers more variety, styles, and sizes. They have also put a lot of work into creating an excellent customer experience, from their responsive customer service to their interactive app where you can shop directly from. Stitch Fix is a must try if you are looking for a style subscription service.

Nadine West is a good option to try if you want affordable clothing and a low subscription fee.

Try Stitch Fix and Nadine West Now!

If you enjoyed this head-to-head comparison of Stitch Fix vs. Nadine West, and want to try either clothing subscription service, please consider using my referral link to sign up.

If you sign-up for Stitch Fix using my referral link, you will receive $25 towards your first Fix which will cover the entire $20 styling fee, plus leave $5 towards the rest of your purchase!

I also have a Nadine West referral link, which will provide free shipping with your first box with code NADINE. There is never a styling fee, so with the shipping fee waived, you can try Nadine West completely free.

Bonus Section: How to Improve Your Stitch Fix Experience

Check out these additional posts if you’re wondering how to have a better Stitch Fix experience. A positive experience with Stitch Fix vs Nadine West depends a lot on YOU! Make sure you are leaving a note that is worded clearly to help the algorithm and the stylist find what you want. It’s also best to be realistic about your expectations. I go over my tips and tricks for the Best Stitch Fix experience in the following blog posts. Although written specific to Stitch Fix, much of these tips and tricks apply to both Stitch Fix and Nadine West!

10 Tips for the Best Stitch Fix Experience

How to Write an Effective Stitch Fix Note

10 Tips for Creating an Effective Stitch Fix Pinterest Board

Let me know if you have any questions either on Stitch Fix vs Nadine West in the comments.

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