My Honest Nadine West Review 2021: Not for Me, Worth a Try

Nadine West Review

My First Nadine West Review

I have been a long-time client of Stitch Fix and have recently started Wantable, so I, of course couldn’t wait to try Nadine West, a more affordable style subscription service. Keep reading for my first Nadine West review and why I’ve decided Nadine West is not right for me, and who would like this styling service. I also have a referral link so that you can try Nadine West completely FREE! 

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Try Nadine West completely FREE with my referral link and the code NADINE!

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How Nadine West Works

Before getting into my first Nadine West review, here’s some information on the Company and ordering your first box.

Nadine West is an affordable styling service that uses stylists to handpick a complete outfit, including apparel and jewelry, based on your size and style. Here is how you get started with ordering a box.

STEP 1: Complete the style quiz.

Take a short quiz on your size and style preferences that is saved to your account profile.

STEP 2: Start your subscription and order for delivery.

Choose your subscription frequency – either two weeks or four weeks. There is no style fee ever, but you do have to pay a $9.78 shipping fee that will be credited to anything you keep.

Try Nadine West completely free (no shipping fee will be charged) with my referral link and the code NADINE!

STEP 3: Receive your package and try on at home.

Once you receive your package of 4-8 items (however many items can fit in the pink packaging), you have three days to try the clothes and accessories on, and return anything you don’t want to keep.

STEP 4: Checkout online.

Checkout online with feedback on each item, and return the remaining items with the prepaid return shipping label.

You’re only billed for what you keep, and your $9.78 shipping fee is applied to your purchase.

Try Nadine West completely free with my referral link and the code NADINE!

How Does Nadine West Compare to Stitch Fix?

Nadine West is a good option to try if you want affordable clothing and a low subscription fee, but does not measure up to Stitch Fix when it comes to the style and quality of clothing.

Read Stitch Fix vs. Nadine West: A Cheaper Alternative to Stitch Fix? for my comprehensive head-to-head comparison of Stitch Fix vs. Nadine West.

My First Nadine West 2021 Box Review

Here is what I received in my Nadine West box.

My Honest Nadine West Review

It was very easy to fill out the style quiz, and it covered the basics for size and types of items. However, I think they could have more question regarding the styles I like. It was very easy to order a box, and it was styled very quickly, so it shipped within 3 days of my order. The shipping was also really fast, and I received the package in about 4 days.

I received six items in my first package. I received a cardigan, a casual shirt, a dress, a pair of jeggings, a necklace and a pair of earrings. The total box was worth $210. I didn’t like anything, and ended up returning everything. It was very easy to put everything back into the packaging it came in, use the prepaid label provided, and drop it at the postal office. I checked out online and provided feedback for each item.

As this is an honest review of Nadine West, I have to admit that I canceled my subscription after the first box. I felt from the first box that Nadine West is not the styling service for me. It was pretty easy to cancel, but I did have to send an email to customer service to cancel (instead of being able to do it online in my profile). Nadine West offered me 10% off future orders if I decided to stay. However, I still decided to cancel, and they confirmed my cancellation via email.

The style of the clothes wasn’t at all what I was looking for, which isn’t a surprise since they didn’t ask many style preference questions in the style quiz. Also, everything that was received were by no-name brands, and the quality felt inexpensive. Everything was priced under $30, so I guess you get what you pay for. As someone who normally shops at Nordstrom and prefers quality over quantity, Nadine West’s quality and styles were nowhere close to what I am looking for.

Is Nadine West Good Quality

I found the quality of the items I was sent from good to OK. The quality on the cardigan, v-neck shirt, and jewelry were good. However, the quality on the denim and dress as just OK. All of the items were no-name brands and I can’t see the clothes holding up for more than a season of wear.

I think Nadine West is better for a budget conscience client. The style of the clothes, along with the lower price point is more aligned to someone who wants fast fashion which usually comes with a much smaller price tag.

Summarizing My Nadine West Review: Ordering, tracking and checkout were super easy online. The clothes were not my style. With the cheaper price point, the quality of clothes wasn’t very good. I would recommend this styling service for someone who wants fast fashion at a low price point.

However, this experience was my own personal experience and I only tried Nadine West once. I would highly recommend trying it as least once so you can see for yourself if it’s the right styling service for you. Especially since you can try it risk-free, at no cost, so it’s worth trying once to see how it goes!

Try Nadine West completely free with my referral link and the code NADINE! There are no styling fees ever, so you can try Nadine West for the first time completely risk-free with my referral link and the code NADINE to waive the shipping fee.

A Cheaper Styling Service

If you are looking for a cheaper styling service, especially compared to Stitch Fix, I would highly recommend Fashom. Fashom is very affordable, and the style and quality is very similar to Stitch Fix. See these related blog posts for more details on Fashom:

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My Favorite Styling Service

If you are looking for a good quality and stylish styling service, I would highly recommend Trunk Club. To learn more, check out Stitch Fix vs. Trunk Club: More Style and Quality for Your Money. With my Trunk Club referral link, you can receive a $50 account credit! The styling fee is $25, but is waived if you have a Nordstrom credit or debit card.

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