what to wear with red sneakers

What Goes with Red Sneakers in 11 Outfits

Red sneakers are bold, distinctive and fun to wear, so your outfit can be just as fearless. Feel free to wear your red sneakers however you want. Whether it’s a simple black and white outfit, or something more bold and unexpected like a plaid suit. I am sharing what to wear with red sneakers in 11 outfits.

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Are Red Shoes Still in Style?

Red sneakers are still in style and fashionable. In fact, many popular designers are currently making red sneakers, such as Alexander McQueen, Gucci x Addidas, Golden Goose, Puma, Tory Burch, and Nike.

Red sneakers can be the statement piece in your outfit and pull it all together to make a fashion statement.

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What Color Shirt Goes with Red Shoes

Red shoes can go with a wide range of colors depending on how simple, classic, or bold of a look you want to wear. 

For a classic and understated look that lets the shoes stand out, try a shirt in black, white, navy, grey, or tan.

For a fashion forward and bold look, try a shirt in orange, pink, red, purple or animal print. Check out how I styled a pink top and an orange top with red sneakers in the outfits below.

Red Sneakers under $30

Red sneakers don’t need to be expensive or designer. I found some really cute options on Amazon for under $30 that have high ratings. Check out these red sneakers for under $30.

11 Outfits with Red Sneakers

A Pink Shirt with Red Shoes

A pink top goes really well with red sneakers. Try them with a pair of jeans and a hot pink bag for a bold and fun look that is perfect for a summer outfit with red sneakers. It can easily go from day to night. This outfit features a pair of designer sneakers by Golden Goose, but you can try one of the alternatives under $30 featured earlier in this article for a more budget-friendly outfit.

Pink Top with Red Sneakers

Jeans / Bag / Sneakers / Top / Earrings / Necklace

Graphic Tee with Red Shoes

A graphic tee is perfect with a pair of jeans and red sneakers for a casual weekend look for running errands or meeting up with friends. Add some fun accessories like a tote and shiny silver jewelry.

graphic tee with red sneakers

Jeans / Shoes / Top / Bag / Sunglasses / Necklace / Earrings

Faux Leather Leggings

Red sneakers with black faux leather leggings is the perfect outfit when the weather is colder outside. Try them with this cozy jacket and beanie for a comfortable, warm and stylish outfit. You can also try a pair of sweatpants instead of leggings for an even more comfy look. Complete this red sneakers with a classic designer handbag and a simple pair of stud earrings.

red sneakers with leggings

Leggings / Jacket / Bag / Sneakers / Hat / Earrings

Red Sneakers Outfit for Winter

Try an oversized sweater and black jeans with your red sneakers for a cozy winter outfit. A neutral cream color is perfect for winter and is a classic backdrop to let your red sneakers be the standout piece of your outfit. Try this outift for a casual weekend out.

red sneakers winter outfit

Jeans / Sweater / Sneakers / Bag / Earrings

Red Sneakers and Blue Jeans Outfit

For a laid-back, casual outfit, try pairing your red sneakers with a pair of jeans and a simple v-neck tee. Add a faux leather cap and bag to complete the look for a casual weekend. These red sneakers are under $25.

casual red sneakers outfit

Jeans / Shirt / Sneakers / Bag / Cap

Red Sneakers with Black Jeans

An all-black outfit with a leather jacket and red sneakers is perfect for an edgy look that is still polished and sophisticated.

red sneakers edgy outfit

Jeans / Sneakers / Jacket / Bag / Sunglasses / Necklace

Casual Red Sneakers Outfit

For a casual and classic outfit, try a black and white striped top with a pair of black jeans. This outfit is perfect for a casual weekend, or for school.

Casual Red Sneakers Outfit

Jeans / Shoes / Top / Handbag / Earrings / Cap

Red Sneakers for Work

Can you wear red sneakers to work? Try them with a pair of plaid pants and a red blazer for a sophisticated look that is fashion forward and bold, but still professional. Complete the look with a designer bag and stud earrings.

red sneakers for work

Pants / Shoes / Bag / Blazer / Earrings

Bold Red Sneakers Outfit

Go all red for a bold outfit. This fitted skirt and bodysuit is perfect for a night out. It’s stylish and sexy and will definitely standout in the crowd.

bold red sneakers outfit

Skirt / Bodysuit / Bag / Shoes / Earrings

 Dressy Red Sneakers Outfit

You can pair red sneakers to dress down a dress. Try this floral, lacy dress with a pair of red and white sneakers for a more casual formal outfit.

Red dress with red sneakers

Dress / Shoes / Bag / Bracelet / Earrings

Red Sneakers with Shorts

Try an orange top with shorts and red sneakers for a casual summer outfit. Try this furry tote to carry your essentials for a fun look for a casual weekend.

Orange top with red sneakers

Shorts / Shoes / Bag / Ring / Earrings / Top

A pair of red sneakers is a distinctive and bold addition to any outfit. I’ve styled 11 outfits to show you what to wear with red sneakers. Try them with an orange or pink top for a fun and bold look. For a more classic outfit, try a black and white outfit instead.

Which red sneakers outfit idea is your favorite?

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