how to dress up a tshirt dress

How to Wear a T-Shirt Dress in 10 Outfits

If you are wondering how to dress up a tshirt dress, check out these 10 different ways to style a tshirt dress. A tshirt dress is so versatile and can be worn so many different ways. As your virtual stylist, I am showing how to style a shirt dress 10 different ways.

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How to Make a Shirt Dress Flattering

A shirt dress fits, well, like a shirt, which isn’t always flattering. The best way to make a shirt dress flattering is to pick one that has some shape and fits well. You can find a shirt dress with a more tapered fit at the waist which will give your waist more definition and is a more flattering fit. In addition, you can find a shirt dress that has a tie or is knotted at the waist which will create a more flattering hourglass shape.

Another way to make a shirt dress flattering is to choose it in a flattering color for your skintone. Skip the dull and basic grey tshirt dress, and opt for one in a warmer or cooler tone that will brighten your complexion.

how to dress up a tshirt dress

How to Make a T-Shirt Dress Look Cute

There are multiple ways to make a t-shirt dress look cute and fashionable. A t-shirt dress is the perfect foundation for any outfit. You can add anything from a blazer, to a hat, to shiny accessories, and more. I am showing you 10 ways to dress up a t-shirt dress for a cute and fashionable look.

Different Types of Tshirt Dresses

In the outfits I’ve styled, I am using a couple of different tshirt dresses. I include a couple of basic tshirt dresses, that are pretty simple in a grey or white color. I also include a couple of knotted tshirt dresses in a pop of color.

If you like the t-shirt outfits featured in the outfit ideas below, you can find them here.

What to wear with a simple tshirt dress: These two tshirt dresses are perfect for a casual weekend, or a vacation look. It can easily be dressed up or down depending on what you style it with.

What to wear with a waist-tie tshirt dress: These knotted tshirt dresses have a more fitted look, which easily makes these tshirt dresses to be easily to dressed up.

10 Ways to Dress Up a T-Shirt Dress

Here’s 10 tshirt dress outfits outfits with different shoes and accessories to give you some style inspiration.

1. Add a Blazer

I’ve styled this tshirt dress for a day at the office. The addition of a white blazer is professional and polished for a work setting. Keep the heels and handbag a crisp white as well for this classic look. Add some silver jewelry and a practical watch to complete this dressed up tshirt dress for an office outfit.

tshirt dress with blazer

2. Add Ankle Boots

This coral tshirt dress becomes more elevated with a pair of suede ankle booties and some glamorous accessories like a chunky gold bracelet. Complete the look with a clear tote and pair of sunglasses for a chic and sophisticated look that is perfect for spring and summer.

tshirt dress outfit with ankle boots

3. Add a Hat

To dress up a tshirt dress for summer, especially for a summer vacation, try adding a pair of Tory Burch sandals, handbag and a hat. Add a couple of gold accessories and a pair of sunglasses to complete this vacation-ready outfit.

tshirt dress with hat

4. Add Shiny Accessories

Adding shiny accessories and heel instantly adds glam to a t-shirt dress. To dress up this outfit, I added some sparkly heels, and lots of jewelry.

tshirt dress with shiny accessories

5. Add a Leather Jacket

For an edgier dressed up look, add a leather jacket to this basic grey t-shirt dress. Black shoes and sunglasses complete the look, and the royal blue handbag adds a fun pop of color to this tshirt dress outfit.

tshirt dress with leather jacket

6. Add Platform Sandals

This tshirt dress outfit is instantly dressed up by adding a pair of nude platform sandals. Add several gold pieces, including a bracelet stack for a look that is perfect for going from day to night.

tshirt dress with platform sandals

7. Add a Pop of Color

This colorful look is fun and playful. Add a pair of pink heels and a matching handbag to make this tshirt dress outfit cute and ready for a party.

tshirt dress with colored heels and handbag

8. Add a Denim Jacket

In order to dress up a t-shirt dress, you don’t always have to add heels. You can still stay comfortable in your sneakers. However, I recommend adding a white denim jacket for some texture. A handbag in an unexpected color adds a fun pop of color and elevates this look further.

tshirt dress with white denim jacket

9. Add Designer Accessories

There is nothing like adding designer accessories to a tshirt dress to instantly make it look more dressed up and expensive. Add this YSL designer bag and Gucci logo sneakers to pull this look together. The gold accessories add more glam to this cute and chic look.

tshirt dress with designer sneakers

10. Add Strappy Heels

A pair of strappy heels can be added to this t-shirt dress for a polished and flirty outfit. The lower heel on these heels make them comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. Add some matching jewelry and accessories to complete this tshirt outfit that is perfect for a date night.

tshirt dress with strappy heels

Experiment with these styling ideas on how to dress up a tshirt dress to create a unique and interesting look that matches your personal style!

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