Nadine West vs Wantable

Comparison of Nadine West and Wantable

In a comparison of Nadine West vs. Stitch Fix, which is better? As a former Stitch Fix stylist and customer of many styling subscription boxes, I instantly tried Nadine West and Wantable. In my experience, there is a clear winner. In this article, I will compare Nadine West vs Wantable on every aspect that you need to know, including the style profile, customer reviews, what to expect, and more!

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Summary of Nadine West vs Wantable

Here is a summary of how Nadine West and Wantable compare on every aspect you might be wondering about!’s SummaryWinner
Overall OfferingWantable
Style ProfileWantable
Styling Fee / Cost Nadine West
Size OfferingWantable
Customer ReviewsWantable
Recommended ForWantable

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Comparing Nadine West and Wantable

Overall Service Offering

Wantable and Nadine West are both style subscription clothing boxes, delivering apparel, jewelry and other accessories to your doorstep. Both services allow you to keep what you want, return what you don’t, and only get charged for what you keep.

Overall, Wantable is more focused on higher priced, higher quality items that are more stylish and on-trend. Wantable offers more brand names, sizes, and types of clothing.

Nadine West, on the other hand, is more focused on cheaper, budget-friendly items with no well-known name brands.

If you are looking for a true styling experience, with quality and on-trend clothing, I recommend Wantable’s overall service offering.

The winner for overall service offering: Wantable

Style Profile

In my experience as a Stitch Fix stylist, the style profile is a very important foundation to getting started with a stylist, as it provides your style preferences and fit which is what is used to create your box.

Nadine West: The first thing you will do to start Nadine West is complete your style quiz. You can expect to provide information on your styles preferences, jewelry styles, prints you wear, colors you don’t wear, top and bottom size, areas to conceal, and  favorite metals to wear.

Wantable: Like any other style subscription box, Wantable has you complete your style profile after you sign up. You can expect to provide information on your sizes, proportions, body shape, occasions, styles preferences, price ranges, colors, patterns, materials, and more.

The winner for more comprehensive style profile: Wantable

Wantable asks for more comprehensive information on your style and fit preferences. As a former Stitch Fix stylist, one of the biggest challenges of using a style subscription box is finding the right fit. With a more comprehensive style profile, matching your style, fit, and other preferences will be more likely with Wantable.

Styling Fee / Cost

Nadine West: Nadine West doesn’t have a styling fee. However, you pay a shipping fee of $9.78 that is credited to anything you keep. If you do not keep anything, you forfeit the $9.78 shipping fee.

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Wantable: Each Wantable Edit has a $20 styling fee that is applied towards anything you buy from that Edit. In addition, if you buy 5 or more pieces, you’ll receive a 20% discount on your entire purchase.

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The winner for most affordable cost: Nadine West

Nadine West doesn’t have a styling fee. While it does have a shipping fee, it is still lower than Wantable’s styling fee.

What to Expect

Here is what you can expect in your style box with Nadine West or Wantable. For full reviews of my experiences with each check out my Nadine West review and Wantable review.

# of Items

Nadine West: Nadine West doesn’t have a set # of items they send. They send whatever can fit in the envelope.

Wantable: Wantable includes 7 items in an Edit.

Types of Items

Nadine West: Nadine West sends clothing, accessories and jewelry for women.

Wantable: Wantable sends clothing, accessories and jewelry. Expect the usual categories such as tops, sweaters, bottoms, outerwear, activewear, handbags, necklaces, and bracelets. Wantable does not send shoes.

In addition, Wantable has four different types of Edits:

  1. Style Edit: A Style Edit is for women and curates apparel and accessories, including petite and plus size.
  2. Active Edit: An Active Edit is for women looking for athleisure and/or workout outfits.
  3. Sleep and Body Edit: A Sleep and Body Edit is full of bras, panties, lingerie, sleepwear, and loungewear.
  4. Men’s Active Edit: A Men’s Active Edit is for men’s loungewear or workout gear.


Nadine West: In my experience, Nadine West doesn’t carry any well-known brands.

Wantable: Wantable partners with hundreds of premium brands such as Hudson, Cupcakes & Cashmere, Kensie, Kut From the Kloth, Lyssé, Onzie, Beyond Yoga, Wear it to Heart, Rhone and Alternative Apparel.


Nadine West carries the following sizes:

  1. Womens: XS-3X (0-24W)

Wantable carries the following sizes:

  1. Women: XS-3X (0-24W). Petite sizes. Does not carry maternity.
  2. Men: S-XXL


Nadine West: Individual items are affordable at $10-30 range.

Wantable: Individual style items typically fall within a $50-$100 range, but can be as low as $30. Individual Active and Men’s Active items are typically $30-$70 each. Wantable will only send you items in the price ranges you’ve “loved” or “liked” in your quiz. Check out The Stream to get a better of idea of their prices. Wantable will price match items if you find them cheaper from another retailer.

The winner overall styling experience: Wantable

Wantable is the clear winner in this section. They cater to a much more robust range of styles, sizes, and budgets. Nadine West only focuses on low budgets.

Customer Reviews

If you check out Nadine West on the BBB, you will find it has a 1.6 star rating (as of writing this article). There are numerous complaints regarding getting charged for not sending back the clothes on time, and not being able to get a refund. I personally haven’t had any customer service issues, but there’s enough BBB complaints for me to be wary of using Nadine West again. If you want to read about my personal experience with Nadine West, including the feasibility to cancel, check out my first Nadine West review.

I couldn’t find Wantabe on BBB, which I take as a good sign, since usually people tend to report negative experiences on BBB. From my own experience, Wantable has excellent customer service, and it’s very easy to request an extended checkout time or to cancel altogether.

The winner for best customer reviews: Wantable

Nadine West has too many negative public reviews compared to Wantable.

Who I Recommend These Styling Services For

In the comparison of Wantable vs Nadine West, Wantable wins in almost every section above. Wantable’s personal profile is more robust which will result in better boxes, the quality of clothing is much superior, and they have excellent customer service. 

I recommend Wantable as a must try if you are looking for a quality, on-trend and personalized style subscription service. Try Wantable with my referral link for $20 off.

I recommend Nadine West if you want affordable clothing and no subscription fee. Try Nadine West with my referral link, which will provide free shipping with your first box with code NADINE.  There is never a styling fee, so with the shipping fee waived, you can try Nadine West completely free.

Try Nadine West or Wantable Now!

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Let me know if you have any questions either on Nadine West vs Wantable in the comments.

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