Fashom: My Experience & Review


My Fashom Review

I have been a long-time client of Stitch Fix, an online styling service (not to mention a former Stitch Fix employee as a stylist). So when I heard about Fashom, a styling service similar to Stitch Fix, I couldn’t wait to try it. Here is a review on my experience with Fashom and why you should try it too if you like online styling services.

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What is Fashom?

Fashom is an online styling service. It uses professional stylists to pick personalized looks that are sent to you in the mail. Here’s a breakdown of my experience with Fashom.

When I signed up for Fashom, I filled out a styling profile. It covers the styling basics like what styles I likes, my size preferences, and the prices ranges I want to stay within.

When I was ready to be styled, I submitted a request using their app. Because the first two sessions are free, I didn’t have to pay a fee. After two days, I received an email letting me know my outfits were ready to preview.

When I opened the app, there were 8 items chosen for me with a personalized note that referenced my Pinterest Board and the color of my hair to let me know the picks were actually chosen for me.

There were 3 tops I was interested in, but I knew I wouldn’t like the 5 other items based on the print and color so I emailed them to swap out the 5 pieces. I had 48 hours after they sent my initial pieces to ask them to swap them out.

Once I received the new pieces, I chose 5 looks I wanted to be sent to me.

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In about 10 days I received my package. It said I had 2 days to try on the items and return what I didn’t want. However, 2 days wasn’t enough so I sent them an email asking for 7 more days which they agreed to.

I tried on all the looks, and found 1 top that I loved. The check-out process is easy on the app and they sent me my receipt via email.

I returned what I didn’t want in the prepaid envelope included. Because I only kept 1 piece I didn’t receive the 25% off if I had kept 3 items or more.

If you keep 3 items or more you will receive 25% off your order. If you keep all 5 you receive 30% off your order.

A Preview of What I Received from Fashom

Here are the different looks I received to give you an idea of what you can expect:

My First Fashom Box | My Experience & Review
My First Fashom Box | My Experience & Review
My First Fashom Box | My Experience & Review | Wearing a Fashom out in a pink sweater and jeans

My Honest Review of Fashom

I think Fashom did a pretty good job at matching my style. Being able to preview the looks before they’re sent is extremely convenient and satisfying, so that I can swap out styles I know I won’t like. I am a big fan of bomber jackets, and they picked one for me.  However, I am not a fan of prints, and the one they sent me was a floral print. I like high waisted denim like the pair they sent me but the length was too short. I also liked the cobalt blue top that I kept and thought it was right on the mark for my style.

However, the fit wasn’t exactly on point. Most of the items did fit, however the wrap sweater was too small and the jeans were too short. The bomber jacket and pink sweater fit perfectly. The cobalt top was a bit short but it looked really good with high waisted jeans which I always wear.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the low prices of their looks. The prices are very affordable, and with the additional 25% or 30% off, it’s definitely reasonable for what you receive. I would definitely recommend using it.  With my referral link you will receive $10 off your first box!

Fashom vs. Other Styling Services

Fashom vs. Nadine West

Fashom is most similar to the styling service Nadine West, but much better. Similar to Nadine West, Fashom is budget-friendly. Unlike Nadine West, Fashom send more stylish items, better quality and better fitting pieces. I would recommend Fashom over Nadine West, although you might still want to give Nadine West a try, which you can do with my referral link found in my Nadine West review.

Fashom vs. Stitch Fix

If you are interested in learning how Fashom compares to the popular styling service Stitch Fix, be sure to check out Stitch Fix vs. Fashom: How They Compare. If you have tried Stitch Fix, then Fashom is very comparable to Stitch Fix’s lower pricepoint. Some of the brands are even the same. If you are looking for a more budget friendly styling service than Stitch Fix, but with similar styles, then I would definitely recommend Fashom for you.

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  1. These were cute items! I’ve been a stitchfix customer for about a year and love just about everything that I get. I recently tried Fashom and was a bit disappointed in the quality in comparison, but it also took a while for my Fixes to be as good as they are now so I’m going to keep trying!

    1. Agree it has been a bit of a mix on the quality with Fashom, but also felt the same with Stitch Fix. I recommend to keep trying and maybe ask for a slightly higher price point.

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