Second Fashom Review


My Second Fashom Review

As you know, I have been a long-time client of Stitch Fix, an online styling service. So when I heard about Fashom, a styling service similar to Stitch Fix, I couldn’t wait to try it. Here is a review on my second experience with Fashom and why you should try it too if you like online styling services.

What is Fashom Styling Service?

Fashom is an online styling service. It uses professional stylists to pick personalized looks that are sent to you in the mail. Here’s a breakdown of how Fashom works.

  • When I was ready to be styled, I submitted a request using their app. I requested high waisted jeans and edgy looks.
  • After two days, I received an email letting me know my outfits were ready to preview.
  • When I opened the app, there were 8 items chosen for me. While I had the option to email for more looks, I was intrigued by what they chose for me.
  • I picked 5 pieces to be sent to me.
  • I tried on all the looks, and loved the pink jacket they sent me.
  • I checked out on the app, providing feedback, and they sent me my receipt via email.
  • I returned what I didn’t want in the prepaid envelope included. Because I only kept 1 piece I didn’t receive the 25% off if I had kept 3 items or more.
  • If I had kept 3 items or more you will receive 25% off your order. If you keep all 5 you receive 30% off your order.

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A Preview of What I Received from Fashom

Here are the different looks I received for my second session with Fashom. I asked for high waisted jeans and edgy looks.

My second Fashom review
My second Fashom review

This is the jacket I really loved, and kept. I wear it a lot! And I can’t believe it was only $40 from Fashom. A similar jacket from Stitch Fix would have cost me at least $68.

My second Fashom review

I liked the grey jeans they sent me, but ultimately I only keep jeans that fit absolutely perfectly, so I decided to pass on these.

My second Fashom review

The two tops I received in my second Fashom session were on target with my style, but I decided I didn’t love them enough to keep.

My second Fashom review

My Review of Fashom Styling Service

I think Fashom did a pretty good job at matching my style. Being able to preview the looks before they’re sent is extremely convenient and satisfying, so that I can swap out styles I know I won’t like. Luckily, I liked what they sent and was able to immediately check-out with 5 of the 8 looks they selected for me.

If you remember from My First Fashom Box | My Experience & Review, the fit was too small. I adjusted my profile before this session, and the fit was much better.

Once again, I loved the low prices of their looks. The prices are very affordable, and with the additional 25% or 30% off, it’s definitely reasonable for what you receive. I also love free returns and shipping.

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Fashom vs. Stitch Fix

If you are interested in learning how Fashom compares to the popular styling service Stitch Fix, be sure to check out Stitch Fix vs. Fashom: How They Compare.

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