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My First Frank and Oak Style Plan Experience & Review

I have been a long-time client of Stitch Fix, an online styling service, and recently tried a few boxes from Fashom. After receiving a lot of floral prints from Stitch Fix, I was interested in the neutral and minimalist style of Frank and Oak. Here is a review on my experience with Frank & Oak’s Style Plan and why I think it could be the right styling service for you. Keep reading to find out if the Frank and Oak Style Plan is the right styling service for you, and receive $15 off your first Style Plan box by using my referral link!

Update: Frank and Oak no longer has a styling service. Check out these styling services instead.

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What is the Frank and Oak Style Plan?

The Frank and Oak Style Plan is a monthly clothing subscription. When you subscribe to Style Plan, their stylists pick seasonal pieces based on your personal preferences and ship them every month. You can try on the items from the comfort of your own home, and pay for only those you decide to keep. As a Style Plan member, you also benefit from exclusive member pricing (up to 20% off) and free standard shipping site-wide at all times.

My Experience with Frank and Oak

Frank and Oak is a women’s and men’s clothing brand that is committed to minimizing their impact on the environment by increasing the usage of recycled materials and reducing waste to landfills. Their commitment to sustainable clothing manufacturing practices and earth friendly packaging drew me to the Company. I wanted to try their styling services because I like the classic and minimalist style of their clothing. I thought it would be a good opportunity to add some go-to capsule pieces to my wardrobe, and they didn’t disappoint.

While you can shop their online store directly, being a fan of styling subscription boxes, I decided to try the Frank and Oak Style Plan. I filled out a standard styling profile. It started with the styling basics like my birthday, profession and sizing preference in a number of categories. The categories were pretty thorough and included Blouses, tees, sweaters, sweatshirts, dresses & jumpsuits, pants & denim, shorts & skirts, blazers & suits, shoes & boots, coats & jackets, and underwear. I also provided my height, weight, body type, and how I would best describe my style (casual, classic and creative). Lastly, it asked how I liked my jeans and tops to fit and the stores I would shop.

Once I filled out my style profile and requested a Frank and Oak Style Plan box, it took about 24 hours to send me 19 looks they had picked for me. I then had 48 hours to choose five clothing items I wanted sent to me. They gave me a variety of jeans, second layers, tops, dresses and skirts. Everything they chose was very seasonally appropriate. Keep scrolling down for the 19 pieces they sent to me. Prices ranged from $60-$120 which I thought was reasonable given the capsule nature of the pieces.

The best thing about being able to preview the pieces before they sent me, was that I was able to change the sizes before being shipped. The opportunity to change the sizes, piece by piece was great because I can usually tell from the piece if I need to go larger or smaller than my standard sizing. I definitely sized down in the dresses and skirts based on the fit in the pictures.

After I chose my 5 pieces, I checked out. I would say the one drawback of Frank and Oak Style Plan is that they charged me for the looks before shipping. However, like any other styling service I can freely return the looks. Then, they will provide a refund for any looks returned.

A Preview of What I Received

Here are the five looks that I sent to myself.

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My Review of Frank and Oak

I think Frank and Oak did a good job of picking looks for me. It is hard to say if they matched my personal style as the look & feel of Frank and Oak is generally very basic and minimalistic. However, I knew this before trying Frank & Oak, and had the intentions of picking items that I knew would be additions to a capsule wardrobe, or core pieces that I could wear for a long time.

I thought the quality of the items were really good, especially considering how the prices were reasonable. I also definitely like the idea of supporting an ethical clothing company that utilizes environmentally friendly choices in the manufacturing and packaging of it’s clothing.

I didn’t like that they charged my credit card prior to shipping and trying on the items, but it was easy enough to return the pieces I didn’t keep and get a refund.

I likely wouldn’t do a recurring subscription of Frank and Oak Style Plan because the looks are too basic. However, if I need a great core piece like a jacket or pair of jeans for fall, it’s definitely worth checking out. I would be interested in trying them again at the start of spring or summer to see what styles they have for a warmer season.

Who is Frank and Oak Style Plan Best For?

I would definitely recommend trying Frank and Oak if you are looking for some core pieces, and especially if you are building a capsule wardrobe. All the looks they suggested for me were very minimalistic and neutral toned. Expect to receive a variety of pieces from jeans, skirts, tops and second layers in a very classic and basic style. I received all solid colors, and no prints.

I would definitely not recommend Frank and Oak if you prefer trendier looks, lots of prints and bright colors, and unique pieces.

If you are into sustainable dresses and environmentally conscious clothing companies, then Frank and Oak is definitely a must-try!

Overall, I had a positive experience with Frank and Oak, and would use them a couple times of year to refresh my core closet looks.

Keep scrolling down to see the 19 items they picked for me!

Update: Frank and Oak no longer has a styling service. Check out these styling services instead.

The 19 Looks Frank and Oak Suggested For Me with the Style Plan

Here are the 19 looks they suggested for me. It was a mix of jeans, tops, skirts and second layers. They were all very seasonally appropriate, and very minimalist in style in my opinion. The prices were all very reasonable for the quality!

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