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Brands like Aimé Leon Dore for Every Budget

If you are looking for brands like Aimé Leon Dore, I’ve done extensive research to find brands with a similar street, preppy, and cool aesthetic. In addition, whether you are looking for brands cheaper than Aimé Leon Dore or similar in price, I have you covered by budget. Keep reading to discover these brands like Aime Leon Dore.

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Who is Aimé Leon Dore?

Aime Leon Dore is the name of a fashion and lifestyle brand that was created in 2014 in New York City. It’s fashion aesthetic is a mix of streetwear and tailored workwear such as coats with hoodies and baseball caps with neck ties. Keep reading for modern and tailored urbanwear brands like Aime Leon Dore, and for looks similar to ALD. This list can also be considered some of the best streetwear brands.

How much is ALD?

ALD’s price range in not inexpensive.  Here is what you can expect in terms of Aime Leon Dore’s pricing. ALD does not frequently have sales, or offer it’s more stylish pieces on sale.

  • Outerwear: $250 for track jackets, $395 for mechanic jackets, $450 for topcoats, and $795 for varsity jackets
  • Bucket hats and sportwear hats are around $55-70
  • Shirts: $85 for graphic tees, $150 for polos, $350 for rugby shirts
  • Pants: $225 for pants, $325 for trousers

Because of the high price tag, if you love ALD’s style, you may be looking for brands like ALD that are similar in style but cheaper. Keep reading for a list of brands similar to Aime Leon Dore that are cheaper.

brands like aime leon dore

Brands as Cool as Aime Leon Dore that are More Affordable

If you are looking for brands like Aime Leon Dore but cheaper, check out these 17 picks for stylish streetwear and workwear.

1. Carhartt Work In Progress

Carhartt WIP was born out of its workwear division, and has become popular in many underground scenes including hip hop and skating. Carhartt has very similar styles to ALD at a much more affordable price point given its Detroit working class origins.

If you like ALD you will especially like their jackets and sweaters, and this brand is one of my top picks for an ALD alternative.

  • Outerwear: Jackets start at $138
  • Shirts: graphic tees are $58, Rugby shirts are $128
  • Hats: $48 for caps, $68 for bucket hats
  • Bottoms:Pants start at $125

2. Everlane

Everlane offers premium quality on classic pieces but is more affordable than Aime Leon Dore. They are also known for their ethical practices and full transparency. I recommend Everlane if you are looking for outerwear, sweaters, and pants like Aime Leon Dore but cheaper.

Everland is also a great alternative if you are looking for an ALD alternative that is also sustainable.

  • Outerwear: Varsity jackets are $198, Parkas are $238
  • Pants: $88 for chinos
  • Shirts: $65 for rugby shirts

3. Noah NY

Noah NY is an American brand headquartered in NYC. It’s classic menswear aesthetic is inspired by skate and music culture, made with a commitment to quality and integrity.  Noah is similar in price to ALD.  However Noah NY does more frequent sales and includes more popular items, so it’s another great affordable alternative to ALD.

Here is the pricing for Noah NY:

  • Outerwear: $328 for utility jackets, $268 for coach’s jacket
  • Hats: $58 for sportswear hats
  • Tops: $118 for polos, $228 for rugby shirts
  • Bottoms: $228 for pants, $348 for trousers

4. Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder is known for its elevated styles that blur the lines between streetwear, workwear, and formalwear. They feature compelling collaborations like the L.L. Bean collaboration that mixes classic L.L. Bean silhouettes and New York style. Todd Synder is similar in price to ALD, with some items that are less expensive, and others are more expensive.

  • Outerwear: Jackets start at $198
  • Shirts: Tees start at $50
  • Pants: Pants start at $148
  • Hats: Bucket hats are $120

5. Adiden Asterisks*

Adiden Asterisks* is a Canadian brand and has a very similar aethetic to Aime Leon Dore, to the point where it is often considered a copy cat brand to Aime Leon Dore. Adiden Asterisks’ designs are inspired by menswear with designs that are bold and graphic with a sportswear, collegiate and workwear aesthetic. Adiden Asterisks’ prices are also very similar to ALD.

  • Shirts: Graphic tees are $69, rugby shirts are $160
  • Pants:$250 for nylon pants
  • Hats: $85 for hats


BEAMS+ is headquartered in Japan, and is a leading retail destination for style and culture. BEAMS is similar in pricing to ALD with some items that are cheaper than ALD. You can find BEAMS on Mr. Porter and SSENSE.

I highly recommend their jackets and sweaters if you like ALD’s aesthetic.

  • Outerwear: Parkas start at $220
  • Hats: Bucket hats are $120, caps are $85
  • Bottoms: Trousers are $220

7. Abercrombie + Fitch

Abercrombie is known for its all american style. I recommend Abercrombie because it is much cheaper than Aime Leon Dore because of it’s more commericial and mass reach. A + F offers some stylish pieces with a similar look to ALD.

  • Outerwear: topcoats are $187, bomber jackets at $150
  • Tops: Sweater polos at $60
  • Bottoms: Chinos are $68
  • Hats: Baseball caps are $25

8. Uniqlo

Uniqlo creates for everyday life at relatively low prices, much lower than ALD. Uniqlo is a great option for more of your everyday staples like jackets, polos and jeans that are similar to ALD.

  • Outerwear: Down jackets are $70, parkas are $40
  • Tops: Polos are $30
  • Bottoms: Jeans ar $50

9. Remi Relief

Remi Relief is a skater and surfer inspired brand that is known for its shirts and jackets.

  • Outerwear: start at $360
  • Shirts: start at $100
  • Pants: start at $210

10. Norse Projects

Norse Projects is a clothing brand of Denmark that creates streetwear and workwear mixed with high end fashion. You can receive free worldwide shipping with a $280 purchase. Norse Projects sells both men’s and women’s clothes, and is cheaper than Aime Leon Dore.

If you are a fan of streetwear and workwear mixed in the same styles, then I recommend Norse Projects.

  • Outerwear: Twill jackets start at $255
  • Shirts: Rugby polos start at $175
  • Pants: Twill pants start at $185, Chinos are $255

11. Bonobos

Bonobos is a polished workwear clothing company known for its well fitting garments and moderate pricepoints.

  • Outerwear: start at $189
  • Shirts: start at $89
  • Pants: start at $99

12. Bricks & Wood

Bricks & Wood was born out of South Central, Los Angeles, and offers casual wear with a cool and artistic feel. For an artsy aesthetic close to ALD, I recommend Bricks & Wood.

  • Outerwear: start at $150
  • Shirts: start at $50
  • Pants: start at $75

13. Saturdays NYC

Saturdays NYC is a New York clothing and lifestyle brand that carries styles similar to ALD. It produces its own menswear line with superb quality and style, and is loved by artists, surfers, and philosophers of New York City.

  • Outerwear: start at $175
  • Shirts: start at $135
  • Pants: start at $95

14. Adsum

Adsum is a a men’s outerwear and sportswear clothing company for urban living. If you like Aime Leon Dore then you might like Adsum’s sportswear.

I recommend Adsum for its technical sportswear.

  • Outerwear: start at $220
  • Shirts: start at $55
  • Pants: start at $95

15. Barbour

Barbour is a lifestyle clothing brand born out of country wear, and is known for its iconic waxed jackets. I recommend Barbour if you are looking for more preppy styles that are more on the traditional end.

  • Outerwear: start at $220
  • Shirts: start at $70
  • Pants: start at $180

16. Battenwear

Battenwear is an apparel company founded in New York City that specializes in clothing for adventures in the great outdoors while still being fashionable for everyday streetwear. I recommend Battenwear for similar jackets, rugby shirts, sweaters, and tees like Aime Leon Dore.

  • Outerwear: Jackets start at $270
  • Shirts: shirts start at $245, rugby shirts are $175
  • Pants: Pants are $180
  • Hats: Bucket hats and camp cats are $65

17. Wood Wood

Wood Wood was founded in 2002 as a clothing Company inspired by culture and streetwear, with collaborations with brands and artists.

  • Outerwear: jackets start at $166
  • Shirts: rugby shirts are $140
  • Pants: Trousers are $131
  • Hats: Bucket hat and caps are around $60

Brands like Aime Leon Dore but Similar or Higher in Price

Here are some additional brands like Aime Leon Dore, although they may be at a similar or higher in price.

18. Drôle de Monsieur

Drole de Monsieur is a modern sportswear brand that started in 2014. It mixes retro silhouettes with modern cuts and details. Drole de Monsieur is priced higher than ALD.

  • Outerwear: $465 for jackets, $230 for raincoats
  • Shirts: polos for $200, graphic tees for $110 
  • Hats: $94 for baseball caps, $115 for bucket hats
  • Pants: Pants and jeans are $210

19. Acne Studios

Acne Studios was created in Stockholm and specializes in ready-to-wear for men and women, with an attention to detail and superb tailoring. Their prices are generally more expensive than Aime Leon Dore.

  • Outerwear: start at $330
  • Shirts: start at $65
  • Pants: start at $245

20. Drake’s

Drake’s was founded in London and is casualwear inspired by English sporting styles and British elegance. You can also find Drake’s on SSENSE. It is a very cool brand, but far from affordable and a higher price point than Aime Leon Dore:

  1. Outerwear: $750 for jackets, $1,995 for topcoats
  2. Shirts: $425 for polos, $145 for t-shirts
  3. Hats: $175 for bucket hats, $85 for baseball caps
  4. Pants: $495 for trousers, $375 for jeans

21. Stone Island

Stone Island is a blend of workwear and uniform with a tailored and polished aesthetic similar to ALD. It is generally more expensive than ALD. I recommend Stone Island for its outwear which its well-known for.

  • Outerwear: start at $449
  • Shirts: start at $179
  • Pants: start at $209

22. Auralee

Auralee is a Tokyo brand specializing in streamlined and sophisticated clothing sourced from premium materials, with a matching high pricepoint, higher than ALD.

  • Outerwear: start at $940
  • Shirts: start at $100
  • Pants: start at $385

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