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Clothing Brands like Ulla Johnson

If you’re looking for brands similar to Ulla Johnson, check out these other clothing brands that are also known for a similar design aesthetic to Ulla Johnson. These brands have are chic, have artisan flair, and a boho look. This list includes brands for every budget, including a similar pricepoint, more affordable alternatives, or at a higher pricepoint.

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Who is Ulla Johnson?

Ulla Johnson is a NYC native that has travelled globally for inspiration for her designs, and launched her label in 2000. Since her launch, Ulla Johnson is known for her dresses, boots, and tops characterized by feminine ruffles, batik prints, fringe details, and boho aesthetic.  In addition, her collections not only feature her signature styles, but are made with natural fabrics, and a strong attention detail to create beautiful and flattering clothes for women.

Brands like Ulla Johnson

Is Ulla Johnson a luxury brand?

Ulla Johnson is not a luxury brand, but a top-end designer brand. She is a popular designer that create contemporary and unique ready-to-wear fashion that is well-made and of high quality. Ulla Johnson is sold at Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstorm, and Shopbop. She offers ready-to-wear, dresses, skirts, denim, handbags, accessories, and shoes. Her pricing is as follows:

  • Dresses are priced from $275 to $2,000
  • Tops are priced from $170 to $890
  • Coats and jackets are priced from $490 to $2,950
  • Handbags are priced from $65 to $1,195
  • Shoes are priced from $200 to $950

Here are some popular looks from Ulla Johnson.

Brands like Ulla Johnson in a Similar Price Range

If you are looking for brands like Ulla Johnson and at a similar price point, check out these picks for dresses like Ulla Johnson.

1. Sea NY

Sea is headquartered in New York, created by two childhood friends. The brand is known for its classic silhouettes characterized by lace and embroidery for romantic and boho styles. Sea’s dresses have a similar aesthetic to Ulla Johnson at a similar pricepoint. Sea offers dresses, tops, bottoms, swimwear, accessories, and home decor.

  • Dresses are priced from $375 to $650
  • Tops are priced from $225 to $595
  • Handbags are priced at $225

2. ME + EM

ME + EM was created in 2009 out of the UK and is known for its classic pieces that combine form and function at an accessible pricepoint. The brand offers dresses, ready-to-wear, and loungewear.

  • Dresses are priced from $215 to $995
  • Tops are priced from $50 to $465

3. La Ligne NYC

La Ligne is based out of NYC, and focuses on everyday essentials and statement pieces. It’s signature look is how they incorporate stripes into their looks. La Ligne offers dresses, tops, bottoms, accessories, and sleepwear.

  • Dresses are priced from $180 to $595
  • Tops are priced from $95 to $395

4. Innika Choo

Innika Choo launched in 2015 and currently headquartered in Bali. The designer is known for it’s unique, hand crafted smocks and dresses, made of natural fabrics. Innika Choo’s designs are known for their hand prints and hand stitched embroidery. She offer dresses, smocks, tops, and skirts.

  • Dresses are priced from $198 to $748
  • Tops are priced from $188 to $428

5. Tuckernuck

Tuckernuck was founded in 2009 and offers classic and modern designs for women, men, and home. Tuckernuck’s dresses are characterized by their attention to detail like ruffles, pleats, and embroidery. 

  • Dresses are priced from $49 to $1,500
  • Tops are priced from $29 to $525

6. Christy Dawn

Christy Dawn is a dressmaker focused on high quality, sustainable and ethical dresses. Christy Dawn offers dresses, tops, knitwear, and loungewear. If you like Christy Dawn dresses, check out these brands like Christy Dawn.

  • Dresses are priced from $198 to $498
  • Tops are $98 to $248

7. Mara Hoffman

Mara Hoffman was founded in NYC in 2000. She designs ready-to-wear and swimwear. Mara Hoffman is known for its colorful collection. 

  • Dresses are priced from $275 to $850


DÔEN was founded in Santa Barbara and is known for its beautiful and feminine designs inspired by nature. 

  • Dresses are priced from $198 to $428

9. Anthropologie

Anthropologie is a lifestyle company that offers clothing, shoes, accessories, home and bridal. This brand has multiple stores throughout the U.S. You can find apparel and dresses with a boho aesthetic similar to Ulla Johnson at similar to lower pricepoint.

  • Dress are priced from $48 to $1,700
  • Tops are priced from $28 to $830

Brands Similar to Ulla Johnson that are More Affordable

10. Hill House Home

Hill House Home was launched in 2016 as a bedding company.  The company now offer accessories, apparel, bridal, and kids wear in addition to home. Hill House Home is known for its Nap Dress, which is soft, comfortable, and can go from day to night. Its comes in various colors, patterns, and fabrics.

  • Dresses are priced from $125 to $275

11. Madewell

Madewell is known for its denim, but also offers clothing for both men and women, including apparel, accessories, and shoes. The brand has dresses similar to Ulla Johnson at a more affordable price.

  • Dresses are priced from $110 to $595

12. Sur La Côte

Sur La Côte is based out of Los Angeles. The company offers resort wear and ready to wear. All of its products are manufactured locally in small batches.

  • Dresses are priced from $84 to $140
  • Tops are priced from $65 to $125

13. For Love and Lemons

For Love and Lemons is known for it’s feminine and whimsical silhouettes and designs. The Company offers ready-to-wear, lingerie, swimwear and loungewear. 

  • Dresses are priced from $108 to $648
  • Tops are priced from $89 to $189

14. FARM Rio

FARM Rio is a very popular brand coming out of Brazil. The brand’s designs are bright and cheerful, and characterized by bright and bold colors and patterns. Their designs are both fashion forward and vintage inspired. FARM Rio offers dresses, knitwear, swimwear, accessories and outerwear.

  • Dresses are priced from $155 to $395
  • Tops are priced from $40 to $475

& Other Stories is designed in Paris, Stockholm, and Los Angeles. This brand is known for its feminine designs and high quality. The company offers dresses, knitwear, lingerie, accessories, and beauty.

  • Dresses are priced from $59 to $499
  • Tops are priced from $25 to $265

16. Sézane

Sézane is a French brand known for its vintage inspired designs. The brand is widely known for its handbags, but also offers knitwear, denim, outwerwear and dresses.

  • Dresses are priced from $195 to $385


NIKA TANG is currently headquartered in San Francisco and popular for its quality and craftsmanship. It offers apparel and accessories characterized by its unique shapes and volume in each piece. In addition, NIKA TANG is an ethical brand.

  • Dresses are priced from $155 to $480
  • Tops are priced from $60 to $340

18. Boden

Boden is a global company is popular for its hand-drawn prints, attention to detail, and recycled materials. They offer clothes for women, men, children and babies. 

  • Dresses are priced from $95 to $340

Are there any brands like Ulla Johnson that should be added to this list? Leave a comment below.

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