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Shop These Stores that are Alternatives to Dolls Kill

Dolls Kill is an online fashion brand known for festival, streetwear, goth, punk, edgy and eccentric styles. Dolls Kill quickly rose to popularity, but most recently has been cancelled over the founder’s instagram post that garnered backlash for its lack of support of the Black Lives Movement. As a result, many brands are no longer partnering with Dolls Kill, and many long-time customers are now shopping at stores that are like Dolls Kill as an alternative. In this blog post, I am sharing a guide to online stores like Dolls Kill that you can shop now!

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Why is Dolls Kill Cancelled?

According to this article, Dolls Kill founder, Shoddy Lynn, shared a photo of a line of police officers in front of their store with the caption “Direct Action in its glory” using the Black Lives Matter hashtag. This instagram post follows accusations of insensitive clothing that supported cultural appropriation and racism. As a result, many prominent figures and customers called for the boycott of Dolls Kill, and the call to support stores like Dolls Kill instead as an alternative to shopping at Dolls Kill.

No matter what the reason, this article will walk you through over 40 alternative stores to Dolls Kill to shop.

What is Dolls Kill Fashion?

Dolls Kill features six collections embodied by “Dolls” that model each of these six styles of fashion:

  1. Willow – Willow embodies Dolls Kill’s festival collection, and includes many styles like flared bottoms, flowy kimono robes, platform shoes and vintage vibes.
  2. Coco – Coco is considered Kawaii and Japanese fashion, and includes girly pink styles, baby dresses, pleated skirts, and soft textures.
  3. Kandi – Kandi is Dolls Kill’s rave collection, and includes styles characterized by neon colors, cut-out silhouettes, and edgy skin showing leather outfits.
  4. Mercy – Mercy is the mostly black goth collection
  5. Mia – Mia is sexy streetwear, and includes trendier clothing items like joggers, bikini sets, and two-piece outfits.
  6. Darby – Darby is punk clothing, and includes a lot of graphics and plaids.

What are the Best Alternative Clothing Brands to Dolls Kill?

Depending on what Doll or Dolls’ style above you are looking for, there’s a multitude of brands and stores you can shop instead of Dolls Kill. Keep reading for more information on boutique brands, and more mainstream, popular stores. You can shop by Doll or by Dolls Kill’s brand.

I’ve also included some black owned brands that are similar to Dolls Kill if supporting black owned businesses is a reason you want to find an alternative to shop at.

Brands Similar to the Dolls Kill’s Brand Sugar Thrillz

Sugar Thrillz is owned by Doll’s Kill and is known for its girly, pink, baby doll style tops, skirt, shoes, and lingerie. Prices are pretty reasonable at tops for $30, skirts around $40, and shoes just under $100. If you are looking for similar brands like Sugar Thrillz, then try these alternatives.

1. Miso Moody – Shop Miso for girly and edgy lingerie styles similar to Sugar Thrillz.

2. Softer Than Satin – Shop Softer Than Satin for styles that are very similar to the Sugar Thrillz brand. Think pink and girly lingerie like styles in delicate and soft textures.

3. We Are Unapologetic – Shop We Are Unapologetic for baby doll, romantic styles like Sugar Thrillz.

If You Like Dolls Kill’s Coco

If you like girly pink styles, baby dresses, pleated skirts, and soft textures, try these stores:

4. Nikki Lipstick – If you like Coco, you will like the girl pink styles of Nikki Lipstick. Try them for edgy, baby doll tops and skirts.

5. Yokai Sekai – Shop Yokai Sekai for clothing similar to Dolls Kill’s Coco and embodies Japanese fashion and styles.

If You Like Dolls Kill’s Kandi

If you are looking for clothing, shoes and accessories you can wear to a rave or festival, try these stores.

6. Lazy Oaf – Shop Lazy Oaf for design eccentric neon styles with vintage vibes similar to Kandi. These looks are perfect for your next music festival or rave.

7. Chrissa Sparkles – Shop Chrissa Sparkles for neon styles that are similar to Dolls Kill’s Kandi.

8. I Heart Raves – Shop I Heart Raves for similar styles to Dolls Kill’s rave collection Kandi. I Heart Raves sells features cut out silhouettes and sexy styles in clothing, accessories, and shoes.

9. Shay Kawaii – Shop Shay Kawaii for edgy leather outfits like Kandi.

10. ASOS – Shop ASOS for revealing, edgy, flirty and fun festival styles. Check out a few picks here:

If You Like Dolls Kill’s Mia

If you are looking for streetwear, try these websites like Dolls Kill for trendier clothing items like joggers, bikini sets, and two-piece outfits.

11. Teddy Fresh – Shop Teddy Fresh for fun and fresh designs that are comfy and cute that are more street style than festival.

12. Lucy and Yak – Shop Lucy and Yak for more casual and comfortable street style looks like Mia.

13. Cotton Sugar Candy – Shop Cotton Sugar Candy for edgy and sexy streetwear looks like Mia.

14. Shami Oshun – Shop Shami Oshun for more sophisticated and trendy streetwear styles.

15. Be a Bimbo – Shop Be a Bimbo for edgy and graphic baby doll styles, joggers and bikini styles.

If You Like Dolls Kill’s Willow

If you are looking for vintage inspired looks like Dolls Kill, try these brands.

16. Hell Bunny – If you like the styles of Willow, then you will want to check out Hell Bunny. Hell Bunny originates out of London and is known for its vintage styles. Try them for vintage, edge and gothic dresses.

17. Alien Outfitters – Shop Alien Outfitters for festival and vintage inspired looks like Willow.

18. Trash Queen – Shop Trash Queen if you are looking for a plus sized clothing brand similar to Dolls Kill’s Willow.

Shop Amazon for Looks like Dolls Kill

Brands Similar to the Doll’s Kill Brand Current Mood

Current Mood is owned by Dolls Kill. If you like Dolls Kill’s brand Current Mood, then try these brands for some girly gothic and plaid clothing, shoes, and accessories.

19. Sourpuss – Shop Sourpuss for girly gothic looks.

20. Jawbreaker – Shop Jawbreaker for plaid and black looks similar to Darcy.

21. Disturbia – Shop Disturbia for print and plaid gothic styles like Current Mood.

22. Alien Mood – Shop Alien Mood checkered and plaid styles.

Shop These Stores if you Like Mercy

If you are looking for gothic styles like Dolls Kill, try these brands:

23. Killstar – Shop Killstar for trendy gothic looks similar to Mercy. Killstar is not owned by Dolls Kill.

24. Drop Dead – Shop Drop Dead for gothic streetwear.

25. Gothic Lamb – Shop Gothic Lamb for gothic streetwear.

Shop These Stores if you Like Darcy

If you are looking for a lot of graphics and plaids like Darcy, try these brands.

26. Wicked – Shop Wicked for graphic designs.

27. Tripp NYC – Shop Tripp NYC for punk clothing similar to Darcy.

28. EMP – Shop EMP for punk inspired graphic clothing.

29. Love Too True – Shop Love Too True for stripes and plaids.

30. Broken Promises – Shop Broken Promises for unique graphic designs.

If you like Dolls Kill’s Mia, and are looking for some more mainstream stores, check these out.

31. ASOS – Shop ASOS

32. Chi Chi – Shop Chi Chi

33. Nasty Gal – Shop Nasty Gal

34. Pretty Little Thing – Shop Pretty Little Thing

35. Miss Guided – Shop Miss Guided

36. Forever 21 – Shop Forever 21

37. Princess Polly – Shop Princess Polly

38. Urban Outfitters – Shop Urban Outfitters

39. Fashion Nova – Shop Fashion Nova

40. Hot Topic – Shop Hot Topic

Shop These Black Owned Brands Like Dolls Kill

41. Ota-Q – Shop Ota-Q

42. PlayGear – Shop Playgear

43. Cotton Candy Apparel – Shop Cotton Candy

44. Kays Dollhouse – Shop Kays Dollhouse

45. Gothic Lamb – Shop Gothic Lamb for gothic streetwear.

Shop these Dolls Kill Shoe Look-A-Likes!

Did I miss any other stores like Dolls Kill? Let me know in the comments and I’ll add it to the list!

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