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Shoe Brands that are Similar to See Kai Run for Kids

If you are looking for brands like See Kai Run, check out my top 10 picks.As a mom of three under the age of 10, I am constantly buying kids’ shoes as they outgrow them, wear them out, or need something for a special occasion. One of my favorite shoe brands for my kids is See Kai Run, but I enjoy trying other brands, and recommend these 10 brands similar to See Kai Run for kid’s shoes.

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About See Kai Run

See Kai Run was created by a Seattle mom that wanted to make kids shoes that promote healthy feet development while also being fun and fashionable. See Kai Run sells shoes for both girls and boys. See Kai Run shoes are approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) which recognizes shoes that are beneficial to foot health.

Brands like See Kai Run

See Kai Run Review

As a mom of three kids, I highly recommend See Kai Run shoes. These shoes are made for the constantly growing and changing fee of kids. They are flexible to help develop your child’s proper balance, gait and stride. The shoes also have a room toe area so your kid’s toes can move to help them build strength. See Kai Run shoes are also a great fit for kids with wide feet.

See Kai Run shoes are usually priced as low as $17 if you catch a sale, and up to $78 for a waterproof boot. Most everyday kids shoes will cost around $38 to $50 so they are well worth the price.

Check out these classic See Kai Run shoes:

Try These Similar See Kai Run Brands

If you are looking for brands like See Kai Run and at a similar price point, check out my picks for kids shoes like See Kai Run.

1. Stride Rite

Stride Rite is another one of my go-to brands for kids shoes. This Company has been making shoes since 1919, and is well-known for footwear that promotes healthy foot development, strength, and coordination. Like See Kai Run, Stride Rite’s shoes are APMA approved. Stride Rite also provides multiple shoes widths, so they are especially recommended for kids with wide feet. 

  • Similar to  See Kai Run, shoes are usually in the $35 to $60 range. Stride Rite shoes are made for both girls and boys, ranging from babies to big kids.

2. Tsukihoshi

Tsukihoshi is another one of my top picks for kid’s shoes. Tsukihoshi shoes are perfect for any kids’ feet because they have a wide toe box, light and flexible soles, and are machine washable. These shoes are known to promote healthy arch development. My kids love these shoes.

  • They are priced from $65 to $75. Tsukihoshi shoes are pricier than See Kai Run but are great quality and durable.

Shop these best sellers:


PLAE is another favorite for my family. These are laceless, perfect for wide feet, and come in a cute assortment of colors. They are easy for kids to put on and take off. In addition, they are durable.

  • PLAE shoes are priced from $64 to $76.

4. Pediped

Pediped is another brand known for it’s stylish and comfortable shoes for children that promote proper foot development. It was one of the first children’s shoe brands to get approved by the APMA.

  • Pediped is priced around $49 to $55.

Shop these best sellers:

5. Mini Boden

Mini Boden is a family- founded Company that sells men, women, and kids clothes and shoes. Their shoes come in stylish and whimsical designs that kids love to wear. 

Check out these cute styles:

6. Livie & Luca

Livie & Luca is a woman-owned and create kids’ shoes company known for its handmade shoes. Livie & Luca’s shoes are comfortable, durable, and come in cute and whimsical designs.

  • Livie & Luca shoes are priced a bit higher than See Kai Run at around $40 to $80.

7. Allbirds

Allbirds has become wildly popular for its sustainable practices, washability, comfort, and simplistic designs. It started as a shoe company for men and women, and more recently added kids’ shoes. The best thing about Allbirds is the shoes are machine washable which is perfect for kids.

  • There’s two popular styles, a lace-up and a pull-on, that come in several colors priced at $65 and $70.

8. Ikiki

Ikiki are specifically designed to help kids break the toe walking habit that is a normal part of learning to walk. Their shoes feature a a squeaker in the heel to encourage children to walk “heel first.” Ikiki shoes are also APMA approved and come in a variety of cute and fun styles.

  • Ikiki shoes are priced a bit cheaper than See Kai Run at $30 to $39, and can be easily shopped on Amazon:

9. Kizik

Kizik shoes are hand-free footwear, and are popular for the ability to easily put on and take off without using your hands. Kizik shoes also offer a roomy toe box, machine washable insoles, and breathable fabrics.

  • Their shoes come in fun colors and styles and are priced around $65 to $75.

10. Cienta

Cienta shoes are made out of small town in Spain, and are known for their cute mary jane style shoes. Cienta shoes come in many colors, are machine washable, and certified green. 

  • Cienta shoes are priced around $40. Shop these best sellers:

Are there any brands like See Kai Run that should be added to this list? Leave a comment below.

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