Athflow outfit inspiration

Is AthFlow the Hot New Fashion Trend?

AthFlow is being deemed the “new athleisure.” With more people working from home, spending more time indoors, and with an increased emphasis on dressing comfortably, it is no surprise that AthFlow will be a popular fashion trend. Keep reading for some inspiration on how to wear athflow.

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What is AthFlow?

AthFlow is a mix of athleisure and flow. Think of athflow as athleisure or loungewear but chic and stylish. Pinterest coins AthFlow as “athlesiure meets elegance.” Think of athflow clothing as comfortable and cozy fabrics and fits, but silhouettes and styles that are chic enough to wear to the office, for a night out, or just a trendy and fashionable casual outfit.

What is the Difference Between AthFlow and Athleisure?

Athleisure is a type of hybrid athletic wear that can be worn both for working out at the gym, and other settings like school or running errands. Ahtleisure is sportswear that is comfortable, yet still fashionable. The best examples of athleisure are yoga pants, leggings, and sneakers.

AthFlow is different from athleisure in that it’s less like gym and sporty clothes. Instead, athflow clothes are more about flowy and oversized silhouettes that are comfortable and lightweight, yet still stylish and fashionable.

What are some Examples of How to Wear AthFlow Fashion?

AthFlow outfits are characterized by flowy and oversized silhouettes. Examples of athflow outfits include the house dress, oversized pants and tops, and cotton jumpsuits or other soft fabrics that you can easily move around and lounge in.

Shop these athflow outfits now to stay stylish and trendy, yet comfortable and cozy. Here are some ideas on how to wear athflow outfits.

1. House Dresses

House dresses are the perfect look for an athflow outfit. Athflow house dresses are flowy and comfortable, but are dressy enough to be worn to work or for a weekend out.

Athflow outfit inspiration
Athflow outfit inspiration
Athflow outfit inspiration

2. Oversized Pants

Oversize pants are a common example of athflow clothing. Try these oversized and slouchy pants for an athflow look that can be dressed up or down.

Athflow outfit inspiration
Athflow outfit inspiration

3. Soft Outfits

Athflow clothing uses lightweight, breathable and soft fabrics. Try a cotton jumpsuit for an athflow soft outfits.

Athflow outfit inspiration
Athflow outfit inspiration

How do you wear your favorite athflow looks? Let me know in the comments your ideas on how to wear athflow.

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