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Shop the Best Indoor Wall Planters for Your Home

I’ve rounded up the best picks if you want to add wall planters to your living room. From geometric shapes, bright colors, to clear glass, I’ve rounded up my favorite indoor wall planter picks. Check out the best wall planters of Amazon, Target, Etsy and more. Shop these wall planter ideas now!

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What is a Wall Planter?

A wall planter can be mounted on a wall either indoor or outdoor. It can be used for a small plant, either fake or real. While a wall planter is functional to keep plants in, they can also add a fun and modern look to your home decor.

Wall planters come in modern geometric shapes and in a variety of colors to match any wall in your home!

What Plants are Good for Wall Planters?


Succulents are probably the most popular plants you will see in wall planters. Succulents are low maintenance and don’t need very much soil or water, making them perfect for putting in a wall planter.

Succulent also come in various shapes and color, instantly adding to your home’s decor. These mini succulent variety boxes are perfect for mounted wall planters:


Cactus are another popular choice for mounted wall planters. Cactus are also very low maintenance and they add texture to your space. Try mixing them up with succulents for your wall planters.

Shop these cactus to add a fun look to your space!

Check out some the best mounted wall planters by scrolling down!

Best of Amazon Wall Planters

Try these stylish wall planter ideas from Amazon. From geometric wall planters to clear glass wall planters, Amazon has you covered in stylish and fun wall planters. I love the variety of geometric and glass wall planters they carry!

Amazon wall planters

Best of Etsy Wall Planters

Check out these wall planters finds from Etsy. Etsy is a great online destination for unique designer wall planters. Find all these cute and unique wall planter home decor at Etsy and shop them now!

Best of Etsy wall planters

Best Black, White, and Grey Wall Planters

Black, white and grey wall planters are a classic addition to any home. They match any home decor and are timeless, stylish, and modern. Try these black, white and grey wall planters from Target, Pottey Barn, CB2, and more!

White, Black and White Wall Planters

Best Modern and Chic Wall Planters

Try these modern and chic wall planters for a pretty and stylish addition to your walls. Find these wall planters at Home Depot and Nordstrom.

Modern and chic wall planters

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