Accessorize Your Watch by Stacking Bracelets

I love statement jewelry, and a watch is a perfect statement piece. It’s fun to accessorize your watch with stacking bracelets for that extra statement-making look.

I am also in love with adding pops of color to my look, and a wrist stack is the perfect way to add that fun and unexpected pop of color or colors. The best part of a wrist stack is that you can customize it with as many colors, layers, textures and metals that you choose!

I received this beautiful Purpleheart and Plum watch from JORD watches. I love the purple, almost pink, color. It is definitely a statement piece that I like to style the rest of my outfit around. It is also the right piece to create the perfect wrist stack, especially given the colors and textures it already adds.

I have linked for you here the stacking bracelets I paired with my JORD watch.  Read on for my tips for creating the perfect stack for your wrist.

Accessorize Your Watch by Stacking Bracelets

Choose bracelets in a coordinating color

My watch has a purple color so I opted for some stacking bracelets that were also in the purple color family. You don’t necessarily need to choose the same color as your watch because you don’t want to be too matchy matchy, but you do want to be color coordinated. I like to also include a complimentary metal color, such as gold to add a bit more shine and variety to the look. Choosing colors in the same family will bring out the color of your watch, and add to that eye catching statement look. Because I mostly did all purple with my stack, I like to keep the rest of my outfit a different color. I love a neutral look with a fun pop of color, and this is the perfect way to add that pop of color! I opted for an outfit of grey and black to be the backdrop of my statement wrist stack.

Add a variety of textures

When you are stacking any jewelry, it’s always a good idea to add a variety of textures to create a more interesting look. It will add some definition to your stack so that every bracelet in the stack can stand out as an individual piece, while adding to the overall look at the same time. For example, you may want to add a beaded bracelet with a metal bracelet. You can also try adding a fabric like leather or some stones instead. Since my JORD watch is already a wooden watch, the watch in itself has a lot of texture. I added a few bead bracelets varying in bead size and types to add to the overall stack look.

Accessorize Your Watch by Stacking Bracelets

The right number of bracelets

I think the right number of bracelets is really a personal choice so there’s really no hard rule here. My JORD watch is a pretty sizable watch so I wanted to add to the watch by stacking several bracelets to create a rather attention-grabbing look. Because I chose to create a bigger stack, I kept the rest of my outfit simple to really let my stack be the focus. It’s great to let the stack be the focal point so a person looking at your overall look won’t feel too overwhelmed. You want the look to feel effortless, like you just grabbed some bracelets out of your jewelry box and put them on without thinking too hard about them.

Accessorize Your Watch by Stacking Bracelets

The rest of your outfit

As I said before, I like to let my statement jewelry be the focal point of my look. I like to keep the rest of my look simple and clean to act as the background for my statement pieces. Since my watch and bracelets are in the purple family, I chose a neutral grey tee to let the purple stand out. If you are in doubt, you can always choose basic and classic black. I love an all black outfit! Of course, I am not opposed to adding color in other places in my outfit as well.  I think a fun color in my shoes would also be a great way to add more color to the look and coordinate with my stack. Even matching your nail polish or lipstick is another way to add some more color to your look in a fun and unexpected way.

Have fun with it

My top tip to creating and wearing stacking bracelets is to have fun with it! It may feel awkward wearing a watch with several layers of bracelets, especially if you are used to more minimal accessories. However, fashion is always about how you want to express yourself and what you feel confident wearing. Just remember, a stack is meant to be a statement look, your statement look. So go ahead and play around with different stacking bracelets that best suit your personal style! Don’t forget you can always add more or take away bracelets from your stack until you find what you are most comfortable wearing. To start, you might want to wear your watch on one wrist and your stacking bracelets on the other wrist for a less dramatic look.

The great thing is that a lot of stacking or layering bracelets are pre-made, so you can buy a couple of bracelets and end up with a multiple of them in your stack. They already have multiple colors and textures so it makes it’s really easy to coordinate a look with no effort at all!

Here’s some more stacking bracelets to help you get started:


Let me know if you have any questions in the comments!

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