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#Hairgoals with Formulate Hair Care

This post is written in partnership Formulate hair care. I received my personalized Formulate shampoo and conditioner in exchange for this post.

One of my #hairgoals this year is to grow my hair to my waist. It’s not an easy goal considering I don’t just want my hair to be long, but also healthy. I know the importance of using a shampoo and conditioner that is beneficial for both my hair and scalp. That’s why I am so excited to have found Formulate personalized hair care products. Formulate created a personalized shampoo and conditioner just for my hair and scalp needs.

Creating my Personalized Formula

Making my personalized shampoo and conditioner was incredibly easy. It started with a series of questions on Formulate’s website. I started by answering questions about my hair, including the color, length, texture, thickness and the health of my scalp. I also provided information on how I wash and style my hair, and even the weather in my area.

The last set of questions focused on my hair goals. Since I already knew my ultimate goal for my hair this year is to grow it out to my waist, I chose the following goals:

  • prevent thinning
  • lengthen
  • improve scalp help
  • deep conditioning
  • nourish roots

Lastly, I chose a fragrance for my shampoo and conditioner.

With the information and goals I provided, Formulate provided the key ingredients they customized to my hair type and goals. A few weeks later my Formulate personalized shampoo and conditioner came in the mail.

Hair goals with formulate hair care


My Formulate personalized shampoo and conditioner came in two separate bottles with pumps that I could attach. Also included in the package was a recap of my hair needs and the key ingredients they engineered specifically to my needs.

I couldn’t wait to start using my Formulate shampoo and conditioner, especially given that the formula is preservative free, sulfate free, paraben free, and cruelty free. I couldn’t wait to see if Formulate would be able to help me reach my #hairgoals of growing it out.

Hair goals with Formulate hair care on My Favorite Hello blog

After using my Formulate personalized shampoo and conditioner for a few weeks, my hair and scalp felt and looked healthier. I instantly noticed that my scalp felt less itchy and flaky. My hair also felt thicker and appeared more voluminous from the roots to the ends.

The conditioner made it a lot easier for me to detangle my hair while it was wet. Avoiding breakage and split ends is important for growing out my hair. I am very confident that the Formulate personalized shampoo and conditioner will help me reach my #hairgoals.

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