7 Best Eyelash Extension Glues on Amazon

Comparison of Eyelash Extension Glues

What is the Best Eyelash Extension Glue on Amazon to Use?

It isn’t easy to do your own eyelash extensions.  It takes a steady hand, a lot of practice, and definitely the right tools and supplies as explained in Top 7 Tools to Do Your Own Eyelash Extensions. Doing your own eyelash extensions takes time to master. However, having the right tools and supplies will make it a bit easier to do. This article will go through my reviews for the best eyelash extension glue brands on Amazon for self-application.

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First, let’s talk about what eyelash extensions are.

What are eyelash extensions?

Applying eyelash extensions is the method by which an individual or fan of synthetic or mink eyelash is applied to each of your own individual natural lashes, to create longer lashes, more volume and a thicker and darker look. The lash or fan is glued to your individual natural lash one-by-one. It’s semi-permanent and lasts about 2-4 weeks depending on how you take care of them, the natural growth cycle of your own lashes, and the retention of the eyelash extension glue you use.

What kind of looks can you achieve with eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions come in many different looks. There’s different curl types, commonly J, B, C and D with J being the least curly and D the most curly. You can also get lashes in different thicknesses and lengths. Thicknesses are most commonly 0.10 to 0.20mm. The thicker the lash, the more weight it will have. Therefore, you have to be sure your natural lashes are strong enough for the thickness as to not have droopy lashes or cause damage or fallout.  Eyelashes also come in different lengths, usually from 8mm to 15mm. A variety of lengths will be used on a person to achieve different shapes from a round eye to a cat eye.

What is the cost to do your own eyelash extensions?

Doing eyelash extensions by a trained technician is probably the best way for a person to get them done. It will usually cost about $160-240 the very first time for a full set (usually an individual eyelash extension on each natural lash, probably about 120 lashes), depending on where you live. You can also do a partial set for about 50% to 75% off the full price for about 80 lashes.  You will need to get your eyelashes touched up every 3-4 weeks which is called a fill and will usually cost about $60-80 depending on where you live. The time and cost to maintain your eyelash extensions quickly adds up, and you can find yourself spending thousands of dollars each year on eyelash extensions.

Why did I start to do my own eyelash extensions?

I love getting eyelash extensions, as I can easily wake-up and instantly look put-together. It saves a ton of time getting ready in the morning, and I feel pretty all the time, even with no make up on! However, the cost was quickly adding up, especially since I was having retention issues. I use a lot of face oils to moisturize my skin which are not great for the glues used to hold the eyelash extensions. I ended up having to get a fill about every 2.5 weeks to keep them from having too many gaps from eyelashes falling out. As a result, it was getting way too expensive to maintain, so I decided to try doing them myself.

When I started doing my own eyelash extensions, I bought all of my supplies from Amazon as it was quick and inexpensive, and is a great start for beginners. In this article Top 7 Tools to Do Your Own Eyelash Extensions I talk about the tools I use to do my own eyelash extensions. Through trial and error, I’ve found the lashes and glues I like the best, and now I’m passing on that information for anyone else that is interested in doing their own eyelash extensions.

eyelash brushes

What is Eyelash Extension Glue?

Eyelash extension glue is what bonds the synthetic lash to your natural eyelash. A high quality adhesive is important for creating a beautiful lash look that lasts.

For maximum eyelash extension retention check out 10 Ways to Make Your Eyelash Extensions Last Longer for tips and tricks to better retention.

I have now been doing my own eyelash extensions for over four years, and have tried a variety of eyelash extensions and glues. By trial and error, I am sharing my review of different eyelash extension glues so you can find the best eyelash glue for your extensions.

For some context, I consider myself with an intermediate skill level in doing my own eyelash extensions (self-taught). I also consider myself to have oily eyelids. When I got my eyelashes done by a professional lash artist, my lashes only lasted about 2 weeks. I get about the same retention doing my own eyelash extensions. However, I would expect my retention by a professional to last closer to 3 weeks as they have better supplies, are trained, and get better placement on the natural lash. Therefore, getting 2 weeks doing my own lashes I consider to be good.

What glue do salons use for eyelash extensions?

Many professional salons and eyelash technicians use glue for eyelash extensions that is made for professionals that can be purchased from specialty lash suppliers. However, many eyelash extension technicians also use glue from Amazon, such as Sky, Stacy Lash, and Forabeli. Therefore, if you buy your glue from Amazon, it really isn’t any different from what many eyelash professionals use.

Is it safe to buy eyelash extension glue on Amazon?

I have been buying my glue on Amazon for over four years without any issues. The biggest complaint for eyelash technicians regarding buying glue on Amazon is that the glue is not stored properly at the right temperatures in the Amazon facilities. This may be true, but there are some professional brand sites that still ship via the Amazon distribution center, so it still would make no different. I haven’t had any issues, but here’s how you might be able to tell if you glue has gone bad.

Try my picks for the best eyelash extension glue on Amazon for brands that are reputable and perform!

How do you know if eyelash extension glue has gone bad?

There are a few different signs that your eyelash extension glue is bad. Eyelash extension glue may be bad if it’s thick and gooey when you open it. It could also be bad if instead the consistency is watery or thin, separating or not drying. Third, the glue may be bad if retention is bad, and lashes all start to fall out within days. Eyelash extension glue may be delivered bad. Eyelash glue can also go bad after you open it, and should be used within 30 days.

Since I only do my own eyelash extensions, it is very highly unlikely I will get even close to finishing a bottle of eyelash extension glue within 30 days. I usually will use my bottle of glue for about 60-90 days. My retention does suffer after 30 days compared to a fresh bottle. However, because I can touch up my lashes weekly or whenever I want, the extra fallout doesn’t bother me. It’s just a little extra work!

What is the Best Eyelash Extension Glue on Amazon?

Reviews for the the Best Eyelash Extension Glues Sold on Amazon

Here are My Top Picks for Eyelash Extension Glues to Get You Started

Stacy Lash Sensitive Eyelash Extension Glue

My Overall Top Pick for Eyelash Extension Glue for Self Application

My favorite eyelash extension glue to use on myself is the Stacy Lash Sensitive Eyelash Extension. Because I do my eyelash extensions with my eyes open, I like the low fume version of this eyelash glue. I also have dark natural lashes, and the black glue creates a darker and thicker look.

The description for the Stacy Lash Sensitive Eyelash Extension glue says that retention is about 5 weeks, but I find it is around 2-3 weeks. If it’s a newly opened bottle, I can get about 3-4 weeks.

This extension glue has a 5 second drying time which I find is perfect for my intermediate skill level. It gives me just the right amount of time to place my lash before the glue dries.

Forabeli Pure Sensitive Extension Glue

My Top Eyelash Extension Glue for Beginners

I recommend the Forabeli Pure Sensitive Eyelash Extension glue for beginners. It has a 7-8 second drying time so it will give beginners plenty of time to place the lash extensions on the natural lash. This formula is also fume free, and lasts for about 2-3 weeks which is really good for a glue with a longer drying time.

As a more experienced person doing my eyelash extensions, I find a 7-8 drying time to be too long, and I’m not able to move as fast as I like without the lashes clumping. The downside of a longer drying time I have found is that a longer drying time usually results in a shorter retention time. So keep practicing doing your eyelash extensions and you’ll be able to pick up your speed!

SKY S+ Extension Glue

When I want an extra strong hold and longer lasting retention, I use the SKY S+ Extension glue. I know that this glue is also a popular brand by many professional eyelash extension artists. It promises 7 weeks of retention, and I would say I get about 3-4 weeks. It is a stronger formula, so the fumes are stronger than the Stacy Lash glue, but it does provide better retention which is to be expected.

I am still able to do my eyelash extensions with my eyes open with this glue, although I can definitely tell the fumes are stronger than Stacy Lash.

This extension glue has a 1-2 second drying time so it’s definitely for more experienced individuals who can work faster.

LONRIS Diamond Sensitive Eyelash Extension Glue

I recommend the LONRIS Diamond Sensitive eyelash extension glue for intermediate level. This glue is fume-free so it’s perfect for doing your own eyelash extensions with your eyes open. It also has a 4-5 second drying time which is good for an intermediate level who is between the 1-2 seconds and the 7-8 seconds of most other glues. The retention on this glue is about 2 weeks in my experience.

This brand is a good choice along with the Stacy Lash Sensitive as they are similar in drying time and retention.

Stacy Lash Extra Strong Eyelash Extension Glue

My Top Eyelash Extension Glue for Advanced / Expert Level

In addition to the sensitive version, Stacy Lash also has an extra strong version, for a faster drying time and longer retention time. It’s a great alternative to the Stacy Lash Sensitive version.

I didn’t find the fumes much stronger, but it has a faster drying time at 1 second for those that prefer it. The retention was also similar to the Stacy Lash sensitive at about 2-3 weeks.

With the 1 second drying time, I would recommend Stacy Lash extra strong only for advanced users. At an intermediate skill level, I’m not able to work fast enough to place lashes in 1 second.

Forabeli Sensitive Eyelash Extension Glue

Forabeli Sensitive Eyelash Extension glue is another go-to for my eyelash extension. Again, I love the low-fume sensitive formula. The drying time is 4-5 seconds which is perfect for my intermediate level. The retention is supposed to be 4-5 weeks, but I find it to be around 2-3 weeks.

Forabeli is a favorite amongst professional eyelash extension technicians, and the brand has many different formulas with a drying time of 1-2 seconds for professional / expert level.

My Top Eyelash Extension Glue for Sensitive Eyes

Forabeli also has a crystal clear version, which may be a good choice for those with really sensitive eyes or prone to allergic reactions since it is carbon black free (or black pigment free). It has a 2-3 second drying time which is also good for intermediate level.

Bonnie Eyelash Extension Glue for Self Application

The Bonnie Eyelash Extension glue is the only one I have ever seen being actively marketed for self application. It is fume free with a 3-5 second drying time. It lasts about two weeks in my opinion.

I also like this glue after the Stacy Lash. It has a bit higher price tag which is why it’s not my go-to glue, but if you are looking for a fume free 3-5 second drying time glue, the Bonnie Eyelash Extension glue is a top choice!

A Few More Supplies You’ll Need for Your Eyelash Extension Glue

Check out my blog post on Top 7 Tools to Do Your Own Eyelash Extensions for my guide on all the essentials needed. Here’s a couple more supplies that you will need for your eyelash extension glue that can also be purchased on Amazon.

Jade Stone

Jade Stone – This tool might seem a bit random, but you will find that the glue will dry or harden as you are working.  A jade stone will keep this from happening by keeping the glue at a cool temperature. It’s only a few dollars so definitely don’t skip buying this one.

Disposable Eyelash Glue Stickers

Disposable Eyelash Glue Stickers – I made a mistake the first time I did my own eyelash extensions and put the glue right on the jade stone.  Big mistake! It dried and was impossible to remove from my jade stone. With the disposable eyelash glue stickers, I can easily dispose of the glue each time I do my own lash extensions. Again, these are so cheap to buy, so pick up a few.

Now You’re Ready to Do Your Own Eyelash Extensions

I love that I can do my own lash extensions anytime I want. So if I have a special last-minute event, no problem! I can fill in my eyelashes the night before all by myself.

Also, maintaining my lashes when a few fall out is so easy because it only takes a few minutes to quickly add a few more eyelash extensions myself!

 I love having long and thick eyelashes all year-round, and waking up fresh eyed without feeling a hit to my wallet!

Now that you have a guide to the best eyelash extension glues on Amazon, you are one step closer to doing your own lash extensions too!

Please let me know what questions you have in the comments! Do you have a favorite eyelash extension glue? Please let me know in the comments.

What is the best eyelash extension glue for self-application on Amazon?

Stacy Lash Sensitive Eyelash Extension glue has low fumes, 5 second drying time, and 5 week retention, making it one of the best eyelash extension glues for self-application.

What is the best eyelash extension glue for beginners on Amazon?

Forabeli Pure Sensitive Eyelash Extension glue for is a top pick for beginners. It has a 7-8 second drying time so it will give beginners plenty of time to place the lash extensions on the natural lash.

What is the best eyelash extension glue for sensitive eyes on Amazon?

Forabeli Diamond Clear Eyelash Extension glue is a top choice for sensitive eyes or prone to allergic reactions since it is carbon black free (or black pigment free). It has a 2-3 second drying time.

Does sensitive eyelash extension glue work?

Yes, sensitive eyelash extension glues are a good choice for doing your own eyelash extensions. Although sensitive glues tend to have lower retention times than their stronger counterparts, the lower fumes is better for less irritating self-application.

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  1. Did you ever have issues with the Stacy lash sensitive glue burning your eyes s when doing it on yourself? I want to try it because it has a longer retention than the glue I’m currently using as it’s meant to use in yourself but I’m nervous because it says on it not for self application

    1. Hi Krystan,

      I love using Stacy lash sensitive for my doing my own eyelash extensions (which i do lash by lash). I do my own extensions with my eyes open. I have had no issues with fumes or burns using the Stacy lash sensitive glue. You have to be careful not to get the glue in my eyes or lash line, only on the lash. In instances where I may get some glue on my eye, usually my eye will just water and sting, but no actual burns. I hope this helps!

      Also, I’m curious, which glue do you currently use on yourself?

      Amy | My Favorite Hello Blog

  2. Thanks! I’m going to try it! I originally tried the ardell lashtite and it was awful!! I’ve been using Bonnie, which I got off amazon. I really like it just wished it lasted a little longer.

    1. Definitely try the Stacy lash sensitive, and let me know what you thought. i’ll have to try Bonnie. I haven’t heard much about this glue.