What I use on my dry, brittle hair for shiny and healthy hair


My Secret Ingredient for Shiny and Healthy Hair

I love having long and shiny hair. Years of over-washing, dyeing, and styling my hair has really taken it’s toll, and I find that my hair has become dull, dry, and brittle. While I have stopped the over-styling and the coloring, I have one go-to ingredient in my hair arsenal that has revived my locks to their shiny and healthy potential. Keep reading to find out what my secret weapon is and how I use it to maintain my healthy and shiny locks!

My Secret Weapon!

I’m not even going to make you wait until the end of this post before revealing my secret weapon for shiny hair.

I love using argan oil to revive my damaged, dry, and brittle locks. The best part is that argan oil can be found in almost all of my hair products so I can continue to infuse my hair with this miracle worker everyday and at every step of my hair routine. So what are you waiting for? Start using some of my argan oil products now!

Why is Argan Oil so Beneficial?

Argan oil is derived from the argan tree only found in Morocco. It is often referred to as “liquid gold” because of it’s beneficial qualities. Argan oil is full of nutrients such as Vitamin E, and has proven positive effects when applied to hair, face, nails and other parts of the body.

While you can use argan oil all over your face and body, I love using it on my hair to repair the damage already done and to prevent any further damage. The result is strong, healthy, and shiny hair! Argan oil is especially beneficial to your hair because of it’s abundance of Vitamin E. Vitamin E promotes healthy hair growth as it contains antioxidants to rejuvenate your hair and even promote healthy hair regrowth. Argan oil is also useful for taming frizz, leaving nothing but soft, shiny, and more manageable hair.

Using Argan Oil in Your Shampoo & Conditioner

Try a shampoo and conditioner infused with argan oil to help restore and strengthen all hair types. While washing your hair can be damaging in itself, using a shampoo and conditioner with argan oil can help counteract some of those negative drying effects. Argan oil helps repair damaged strands and leaves hair strong, soft and shiny. If I need to wash my hair more than a few times a week, I will make sure to use a shampoo and conditioner infused with argan oil to infuse moisture where it’s loss.

Using Argan Oil as a Hair Serum

I love using a serum because it’s a much more concentrated product. Rejuvenate tired and dry hair with an argan oil hair serum by restoring hydration and protecting the hair shaft. Natural argan oil hair serums shield and restore hair for sleek and glossy strands. An argan oil hair serum is also perfect for colored hair that is left dry and brittle from the damage. I love to add an argan oil hair serum to my hair and wrap it in a bun so that my hair can really absorb it for the full benefits.

Using Argan Oil as a Scalp & Hair Mask

If you want healthy and shiny hair, you have you start at the source — your scalp! Try an argan oil scalp and hair mask to deeply condition and repair your scalp and hair to encourage hair regrowth. The Palmer’s Natural Fusions Chia Seed & Argan Oil Hair Mask is an intensive deep conditioning treatment that repairs damage and improves strength. This mask’s key infusions are Chia Seed to help strengthen and protect new growth and Argan Oil to revitalize dull and lifeless hair. I normally will do a scalp and hair mask at least once a week to restore my scalp and hair and to promote healthy regrowth.

Using Argan Oil as a Finishing Spray

Argan oil also makes the perfect finishing spray because it leaves your hair shiny and glossy without being oily. Argan oil is considered a dry oil so it absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy residue. I will use an argan oil finishing spray to tame frizz and add moisture and shine once I have completed styling my hair.

Now you know my secret weapon for shiny and healthy locks! I’m so excited that I could share it with you so that you can start using it for your own healthy and shiny hair. I love using argan oil in all my hair products, from my shampoo, mask to a finishing spray to get the most benefits from this liquid gold throughout the day and my hair routine.

Let me know in the comments your favorite argan oil products.

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  1. Who knew that argan oil could be found in almost every single type of hair product you use.

    I always assumed that Argan oil was good for hair but I never knew the reason why. Plus my hair gets oily super fast so its even better that oily absorbs fast unlike coconut oil.

    Ever since my hair gotten longer, it is really damaged and gets tangled even after I wash it. Maybe if I switch to the shampoo and conditioner you listed above will help with that.

    And the oil will help as well. How often do you apply the oil?

    Its really cool that they have a finishing spray with argan oil in it. I have never seen that before. I need to check these products out! Hopefully they will save my hair.

    1. I only wash my hair a couple of times a week now but the argan oil conditioner definitely helps in detangling my hair when it is wet. I also apply argan oil every morning directly to my hair to the ends. After I apply it, I put my hair up into a bun while I get ready and then take it down and my hair absorbs the oil well. I also use the finishing spray if I need an extra boost of shine. I hope that helps!

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