Back to School Outfits for College Students

back to school outfits for college

Back to School Outfits for College Students

It’s almost the end of summer. (Yes, I said it!) The good news is that it’s time to go shopping for back to school outfits for college. If you’re a college student you will need several essentials to add to your closet. You already have enough to think about trying to decide what to major in. What to wear to class should be easy and effortless.

Are you ready for back to school shopping?

Here’s a few things to consider when buying back to school clothes for college:

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Top 7 Tools to Do Your Own Eyelash Extensions

Do you own eyelash extensions

What to Use to Do Your Own Eyelash Extensions

It isn’t easy to do your own eyelash extensions.  It takes a steady hand, a lot of practice, and definitely the right tools and supplies. Doing your own eyelash extensions takes time to master. However, having the right tools and supplies will make it a bit easier to do. Tools and supplies to do your own eyelash extensions include the lashes, glue, tweezers, and more. This post will go through all the tools and supplies that I use to do my own eyelash extensions.

First, let’s do a quick run-down on what I mean by doing your own eyelash extensions.

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The Best High-Waist Bikinis for Every Body

high-waist bikinis

I am a big fan of the high-waisted look, and swimsuits are no exception. High-waist bikinis are a stylish way to hide that extra tummy fat, elongate your legs, and even protect your skin from the sun without having to wear a traditional one-piece. The best thing is that high-waist bikinis flatter just about every body so anyone can wear them! And given all the benefits I just talked about, you need to be wearing one!

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